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Hogwarts Legacy Multiple Endings Explained

Craig Robinson

Before launch, Hogwarts Legacy developers, Avalanche Studios confirmed there would be multiple endings to Hogwarts Legacy. So, now the game is in our hands, let us put it to the test and see how many endings are in Hogwarts Legacy. Expect to see the number of multiple endings there are, and what the differences are between them.

Here is a look at the multiple endings in Hogwarts Legacy, including how to get them and their differences. Image via Warner Brothers.

Hogwarts Legacy Multiple Endings Explained

In total, there are technically two different endings in Hogwarts Legacy. However, both follow into the same true ending. The true ending will happen, regardless of the two other endings you get. You will get the same cutscenes at the end of the game, followed by you waking in up in your Common Room’s bed, and then getting back to free roaming to complete any collectables, quests, and other things you may have missed. After all, you still have your O.W.Ls to do. This is the absolute true ending of the game. Once you’re finished with all of that, you get two more post-main story missions, which are to finish the house cup, where you technically finish the game.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Seeker of Knowledge

Win the House Cup

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For more details on spoiler content in the true ending, reveal it by clicking the spoiler warning box below.

The True Ending's DetailsShow Spoiler

So, in the true ending, no matter what, you will find that Professor Fig sadly dies trying to protect Hogwarts from the Goblins. In doing so, you manage to take down the Goblin leader, Ranrok and his creation. Once all that is done, you return to Hogwarts, where all the remaining professors will have a speech, commemorating the life of Fig. This is the true ending of the game, no matter which of the other multiple endings you choose.

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The Hero of Hogwarts

Defeat Ranrok

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How to Get the Multiple Endings in Hogwarts Legacy

Okay, now it’s time for the two other multiple endings. While these don’t actually affect what happens at the end of the game, it does determine how you got there. When you’re on the mission, The Final Repository, you will get two dialogue options from Fig. Both resemble a morality check. Picking one will determine the following cut scenes you get while you’re still on the mission.

Dialogue Option Ending
I intend to keep it contained here “Good” Ending
I intend to open it “Bad” Ending

How to Get the Good Ending in Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s start off with the “good” ending in Hogwarts Legacy. Picking the option to contain it here will mean you and Fig will attempt to shut the power off and keep it locked away. This ancient power will stay hidden away, free from all who seek to wield it for their own purposes. Read the spoiler warning box if you want to know what exactly happens in detail.

The Good Ending's DetailsShow Spoiler

When you pick that option, you get a special cutscene after defeating Ranrok, which shows both you and Fig casting your wands at the power, slowly but surely sealing it away. However, the power to seal it comes at a deadly cost, as Fig uses up his remaining energy closing the portal. While you don’t see him die, you know he does, thanks to the funeral ceremony at Hogwarts. Therefore, Fig died helping you lock this magic away, saving Hogwarts, but it cost him his life, leading into the true ending cutscene.

How to Get the Bad Ending in Hogwarts Legacy

Okay, now it’s time for the bad ending in Hogwarts Legacy. If you pick the “I intend to open it” option when Fig asks you what you’re going to do with it, you will dabble with the bad ending, as Fig will be perplexed by your answer.

He will try to argue and reason with you, stating the dangers of it, the cost of lives already, and the fate of others. In doing so, you get one last chance to turn back, thanks to the two dialogue options you get:

  1. You’re right
  2. This power should not be kept from the world.

Choosing the “You’re right option” will allow you to change your mind and seal the power away. However, if you stick to your cards, and choose “The power should not be kept from the world”, then you lock in the “bad ending”. However, your character does say they plan to use it for good, so, there is some speculation whether this is truly a bad ending or not.

Once you select the option, you will fight the Goblin again and finish the main story arc. But, once the Goblin is beat, then you get another cutscene, different from the one above. Once again, the detail of this is locked behind the spoiler box.

The Bad Ending's DetailsShow Spoiler

When the cut scene plays, it shows your character walking up to the power source, then holding out their wand. From, there, your character absorbs some of the red magic flying around, which enters via the tip of your wand. Shortly after it, your body is empowered, and your eyes glow red. You have successfully harnessed some of the power in your wand and soul.

After that, you then try to shut the rest of the ancient magic off, with a sinister smile on your face as you do it, knowing you’re the only wizard or witch with this extremely powerful magic. There’s certainly nuance to this ending, whether or not it is truly an evil or bad ending, but there is certainly some bad vibes about it.

But where is Fig in all of this? The difference here is that Fig is nowhere to be seen. At least, in the other ending, you knew he was there to help close the ancient magic. But in this, he is not seen since the dragon blasted the spot you were standing on during the Fig conversation. Did the dragon kill Fig from the blast? We can only speculate. After that, you then get the true ending cut scene, detailing Fig died saving Hogwarts. Once again, speculating that the dragon killed him.

And there you have it you now know the difference between Hogwarts Legacy’s multiple endings, and you also know the true ending to the story too. They are not exactly multiple endings per say; rather, they are just multiple ways of telling the true ending.

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