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Hogwarts Legacy

How to Find Treasure with Revelio in Hogwarts Legacy

Nathan Garvin

The wizarding world is a big place, and with so many distractions over so vast an area, even the astute may miss the odd treasure. Fortunately, wizards can use magic to make abundantly clear that which the eyes alone would otherwise overlook. This page will discuss how to use the Revelio spell to find interactable objects in the environment - including treasure chests - and how to learn the Revelio spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

You’ll learn Revelio after completing a minigame during the quest “The Path to Hogwarts.

How to Learn Revelio in Hogwarts Legacy

Fortunately, as one of the essential spells, you can’t really miss Revelio. You’ll learn it during the first quest of the game, The Path to Hogwarts. Just complete the spell learning minigame by pressing the varying button prompts along the R-shaped path while guiding the cursor with the DualSense-Stick-L and you’ll learn Revelio.

(1 of 2) Cast Revelio at any time to send out a pulse of magical energy,

Cast Revelio at any time to send out a pulse of magical energy, (left), which will highlight interactable objects (blue) and treasure (gold), even through floors and walls! (right)

How to Find Treasuring With Revelio in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you’ve learned Revelio you can cast it any time by pressing DualSense-DPad-Left on the D-pad. Casting Revelio will send out a pulse of magic that highlights interactable objects (blue) and treasure (gold), making it much, much easier to find these objects as you explore.

You don’t even need line of sight on these objects for Revelio to reveal them, showing objects through floors and walls. Granted, it doesn’t show you how to reach these objects, so if there’s a hidden or indirect path (perhaps you have to do some platforming, or solve a puzzle to reach the treasure?) it’ll be up to you to figure out how to reach the object of your desires. That said, knowing where treasure is can help you find it, especially if you need to use an interactable object to reach it, which will also be revealed.

Revelio will also reveal various collectibles, like [Field Guide Pages], and since Revelio is so instrumental in scoring treasure, solving puzzles, and finding collectibles, there’s no good reason not to just spam it as you explore. Even for treasures that aren’t hidden, having them highlighted gold makes it much easier to find them.

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