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Hogwarts Legacy

Antechamber Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

Ben Chard
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Throughout your adventure in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll come across puzzles that may require you to use your spells to navigate through. Many of these areas also include Chests off the beaten path with useful loot that will help in the immediate area. This page will tell you how to solve the puzzles in the Antechamber during the Secrets of the Restricted Section Main Quest.

You’ll need to navigate the Antechamber’s puzzles in the restricted section of the library in Hogwarts Legacy.

Chests in the Antechamber During Secrets of the Restricted Section

During the Main Quest, Secrets of the Restricted Section, you and Sebastian will infiltrate the library thanks to the "Disillusionment" iconDisillusionment Charm and once you get the key and proceed through the restricted section, Sebastian will go back to try and prevent you from getting caught, leading you to head along the linear path and entering another door with the help of your ability to sense "Ancient Magic" iconAncient Magic.

You’ll start encountering the puzzles once you enter the Athenaeum, located just beyond the large chest here. The first room is a rather simple one and introduces you to the key concept of the puzzles here. You’ll find a large gap between your current position and the way forward, and a simple jump is not going to do here.

Use DualSense-L2-Filled/Xbox-TriggerLeft-Filled to free aim, then use your basic spell cast to hit the orb above the doorway. This will erect a bridge over to the other side where you can continue to the next room.

You’ll be thrust into a battle against four Pensive Sentries, two near the door, and one each hidden in the crevices to the left and right of you. Consider trying out your Ancient Magic in this battle (you should be in the habit of doing this on every new enemy type for a Trophy/Achievement anyway) and experiment with spell combos, such as using "Levioso" iconLevioso followed by "Accio" iconAccio and then "Incendio" iconIncendio.

(1 of 4) Try out Ancient Magic against the first group of enemies

Once the battle is over, continue on and you’ll come across the next puzzle room. Before you do anything, deal with two more sentries so they don’t get in your way. Before you look to cross the gap, look to your left to find a chest in the alcove. Walk to the edge of the platform near the entrance to this room and a path will raise, leading you the chest for you to loot. Once done pillaging, look up, hit the orb and then dash across the bridge, it will soon drop back down so you’ll need to be quick!

One more puzzle room awaits you at the bottom of the stairs, and this time, there are no enemies to contend with. Look to your right to find another alcove where a chest is waiting for you. Hit the orb ahead once more but turn to your right and you’ll find a platform you can leap to.

Do so, and a path will extend a little, but then soon stop. Take aim at the orb once more and hit it again to cause the rest of the path to raise, leading to the chest in the alcove. Return back to the main path, hit the orb again and you’ll find the bridge only goes across half of the bridge and stops. Stand on the edge here and hit the orb a final time, getting ready to jump to the other side of the bridge as it raises.

(1 of 4) Hit the orb and look right to find a platform to leap to

Two chests can be found either side of you once you get to the other side, then make sure you’re healed up as you head into the final room. You’ll fight a whole host of Sentries here, but only two at a time fortunately. Make use of spell combos, Ancient Throw and Magic, "Stupefy" iconStupefy counters and keep on the move, if you don’t think you can use Stupefy in time when there’s an orange circle, dodge instead as the Sentries will come crashing down on you.

Once the coast is clear, head to the end and you’ll trigger a lengthy cutscene, bringing your time in this area to an end and completing this Main Quest.

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Thank you! I wouldn't have noticed the chests without this :)

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Thank you! I wouldn't have noticed the chests without this :)

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