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The Man Behind the Moons Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

Gladwin Moon, the caretaker of Hogwarts, is being tormented by the placement of "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues. These lunar statues only appear at night, and they haunt nearly every Gladwin Moon frequents… and some scattered villages throughout the valley, besides, just for good measure. Needless to say, Gladwin Moon suspects somebody purposefully placed them to cause him discomfort, and at this they succeeded, but if you were willing to seek out and collect these "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues, you could free Gladwin Moon from their tyranny and perhaps find out who placed them around the valley. This page will walk you through the side quest The Man Behinds the Moons in Hogwarts Legacy.

(1 of 2) You can find "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues throughout the valley, mostly in Hogwarts itself or "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade.

You can find "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues throughout the valley, mostly in Hogwarts itself or "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade. (left), These statues are usually in buildings, and will often require you to open locked doors. (right)

How to Start The Man Behind the Moons in Hogwarts Legacy

This quest will begin immediately after you complete The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament, during which you’ll be introduced to "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues by Gladwin Moon, who is terrified of the silly things. After you recover the three Demiguise Moons (the first being a freebie, the other two part of a stealth section) and return to Gladwin Moon he’ll offer to reward you by teaching you higher levels of "Alohomora" iconAlohomora if you find and remove more "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues.

Where to Find Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts Legacy

This is a multipart quest, but the meat of it is finding Demiguise Moons throughout the world. Which statues you find and where you find them doesn’t matter, but you must initially bring Gladwin Moon nine Demiguise Moons to learn "Alohomora" iconAlohomora II, then thirteen additional "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues to learn "Alohomora" iconAlohomora III. Each level of "Alohomora" iconAlohomora will allow you to pick higher level locks, and many "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues are hidden behind locked doors, imposing a loose sort of organization on this quest, although most of the statues are behind Level 1 or Level 2 locks, at worst.

Again, where you search for these "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues is up to you, but they target Gladwin Moon’s favored haunts, so most of them will be found in Hogwarts itself, and in "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade. There are ten in the former, and nine in the latter, so you’ll be most of the way done with this quest’s requirements once you clear those two areas out. After that, pretty much every village and hamlet in the valley has one Demiguise Statue, although these are more spread out. Needless to have, having a broom will make collecting these "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues much easier.

Below you’ll find a links to pages that detail the locations of every Demiguise Statue in the game:

(1 of 2) Remove enough "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues and you'll be able to track down the man who placed them.

Remove enough "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues and you'll be able to track down the man who placed them. (left), Inform Gladwin Moon and you'll find that no lessons were learned by this ordeal. (right)

Once you’ve collected 22 "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues, you’ll need to wait around until you get an Owl Post from one Piers Pemberton, where you’ll be chastised for removing the "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues. If this doesn’t happen… just collect more "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues until you get the Owl Post. At the very least, collecting "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues is a good way to burn time.

After you get the Owl Post from Piers Pemberton, go seek him out at "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade and talk to him, where you’ll learn that he is, in fact, the person who placed the "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues about, and his motivations for doing so. With that confirmed, go tell Gladwin Moon who makes it clear that… well, he kind of had it coming, and no lessons were learned, although discovering the truth behind the "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues seems to have removed their power of Gladwin Moon. Later on an Owl Post from Gladwin Moon will claim that him and Piers have sorted their disagreement out and have decided to “let bygones be bygones”. Gladwin Moon does confess that Pier was “uneasy about it all”, and he still refers to Piers as “Piggy”, so… again, no lessons learned.


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