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Hogwarts Legacy

All Butterfly Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Craig Robinson

If you fancy turning your Vivarium and Room of Requirement into comfy, 3D sims-like worlds, filled with decorations, then you’ll need collection items. There are plenty of collection chests throughout the world. But, not all of them grant all the collection pieces. Instead, you are going to need to find butterflies through the Highlands. These butterflies will deliver you to otherwise invisible collections of chests. However, they are scattered throughout the land. So, to make the hunt easier, we have curated a page dedicated to finding all "Butterflies" iconButterflies in Hogwarts Legacy.

Below you will find a list of all the Hogwarts Legacy Butterfly locations. We have attached an image of each one, alongside notes on how to find each one. If you would rather track these on a map, then we have an interactive map and database, fitted with a table of each map marker to help you on your hunt.

All Butterfly Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

In total, there are 15 Butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy. This also includes the one you already have, thanks to the follow the butterfly quest, which unlocks these collectables. Below you will find the remaining 14 butterfly locations in Hogwarts Legacy to make them easy to find. We have also added several screenshots of each region, with map pins of where these butterflies are.

North Hogwarts Butter Fly Locations

(1 of 5) An overview of all the Butterflies in the north of the Highlands.

  1. Pitt-Upon-Ford: There is a set of butterflies if you take the eastern road out of the "Pitt-Upon-Ford" iconPitt-Upon-Ford the Hamlet.
  2. Forbidden Forest: A few Poacher camps lie in the heart of the "Forbidden Forest" iconForbidden Forest. There is one particular one on the east side of the Forbidden Forest, which faces the mountain. We recommend traveling to Jack Daw’s Tomb, then flying your broom over the pond water to the northeast side. You should then head east towards the mountain and follow the path slightly north to reach these.
  3. Hogsmeade: Start at "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade, and travel directly east towards a large hill incline. You should see a road along this hill that ravels west in a curved angle southwards, and a road that heads further east, with a fork heading south, which goes up the hill. Partway along the southern section of this road are butterflies, which take you toward a Merlin Trial guarded by "Poacher Tracker" iconPoacher Trackers.
  4. North Hogwarts Region: There is a large stream flowing throughout the North Hogwarts area. Follow this stream along, and partway through the northern side of its bank, you will find a flock of butterflies.

South Hogwarts, Valley, & Feldcroft Butterfly Locations

The largest bulk of the Butterfly locations in Hogwarts Legacy comes from the central part of the Highlands. There are roughly two-three Butterfly locations in each of these areas of the Highlands. Below, is a map of there locations, along with specific, more localized notes and images of their exact locations.

(1 of 8) An overview of Butterfly Locations the central highlands of Hogwarts Legacy.

  1. Quidditch Pitch Cliffs: In the southwest area of the Quidditch Stadium are a set of cliffs and mountains. You can fly up here on your broom, and follow a road towards Merlin Trail. Near the Merlin Trial is a natural stone archway, with a set of butterflies along the pathway to it.
  2. Aranshire: If you move southwest of the "Aranshire" iconAranshire Hamlet, you will find some butterflies near a Merlin Trial. Stay within a reasonable distance, as you may miss them.
  3. Brocburrow Viaduct: If you travel west of "Brocburrow" iconBrocburrow Hamlet, you will find a train viaduct the Hogwarts Express travels over. Below this viaduct is a butterfly location, which will take you through the archways.
  4. West Keenbridge: Go to "Keenbridge" iconKeenbridge Hamlet in the "Hogwarts Valley" iconHogwarts Valley area, and travel along the western road. Take it all the way towards the cliffs along the north of the western-facing road, and you’ll find some butterflies near the trees next to the road.
  5. Keenbridge Ruin: There is a ruin to the southeast of Keenbridge next to a stream that flows from the east. You can find some butterflies along the stream’s northern bank, close to the ruin.
  6. Feldcroft North: If you head over the bay to the north of Rookwood castle, you can land on the cliff edge that faces the castle. There are some butterflies along the bay’s cliff edge.
  7. Feldcroft Catacombs: Go to the Catacombs Floo Flame, and travel southeast, sticking to the cliff’s edge. You can find a butterfly location above the loyalist camp below.

All South Highland Butterfly Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Now for the final few butterfly locations in Hogwarts Legacy. There are only four in the very southern area of the map, which requires you to cross the cavern to get to them.

(1 of 4) An overview of the Butterfly locations in Hogwarts Legacy’s South Highlands.

  1. North Poidsear Coast: Fast travel to the North "Poidsear Coast" iconPoidsear Coast Floo Flame, and walk down the road travelling east. You’ll eventually come to a circular part of the road, with butterflies on the left side of it.
  2. South Poidsear Coast: Travel towards the South Poideasr Floo flame along the southern coast. As soon as you reach this tiny village, butterflies are immediately next to the Floo Flame.
  3. Clagmar Coast: On the Northwestern most tip of the region. Head up Northwest from the Clagmar Castle, all the way to the hills near the watery bay. Head as high up the hill as you can go, and you will find some butterflies right at the top of it.

This concludes our guide on all the butterfly location in Hogwarts Legacy. If you need any help with more collection and challenge guides, why not check out the following pages?

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