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Hogwarts Legacy

Madam Kogawa's Assignment 2 Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

Popping balloons while flying on a broom is good practice, but bursting ten balloons hardly makes you an expert flier. Will twenty? Only one way to find out! This page will walk you through Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2 in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Start Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2 in Hogwarts Legacy

To start Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2, you must first have completed Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1, and you may also need to advance the main quest by completing the main quest Percival Rackham’s Trial. Once done, you should get an Owl Post from Madam Kogawa, starting this assignment.

(1 of 2) For Madam Kurosawa’s second assignment, the balloons you’re tasked with popping are more linear and often have boost orbs between them.

For Madam Kurosawa’s second assignment, the balloons you’re tasked with popping are more linear and often have boost orbs between them. (left), Pop all ten balloons - two sets of five - then return to Madam Kurosawa to learn the Arresto Momentum spell. (right)

How to Pop the Balloons Over the Spires and near Keenbridge Tower

Since you already completed a similar objective during the aforementioned Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1, popping more balloons should be pretty simple - just run into them while flying on your broom and the balloon will pop. Balloons come in a sets of five, so you’re basically being tasked with scratching off two balloon collectible sets as part of this assignment, which may yield further rewards. Unlike the first set of balloons you were asked to pop, this is less of a scavenger hunt and more of a… well, linear course, which does match the Irondale Race that should also unlock around this time.

The balloon set at “The Spires” is along the northwestern edge of the "Hogwarts Valley" iconHogwarts Valley region, north and slightly west of the West Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame, high up in the mountains. Most of the balloons are in clear sight of each other, in a straight line with few obstructions, barring one stone arch. Between some balloons are a line of boost orbs, which will increase your speed and fill your boost meter - something you should be familiar with if you completed any of the broom races, earlier. Despite these balloons being lined up this way, there is no time limit for collecting them - you’re free to dawdle as much as you please and fly as sloppy as your skills allow. Once all five balloons have been hit, you’ll complete this set of balloons and hence, an assignment objective.

The next set of balloons, the ones “near "Keenbridge" iconKeenbridge Tower” can be found along the southeastern edge of the Hogwarts Valley region, southeast of the Keenbridge Floo Flame. These balloons are more of the same, really, with the first of the set being just west of some ruins, with the rest being laid out in a line leading east into the wooded mountains, with boost orbs chained between each balloon. Again, there’s no time limit, so having masterful control of your broom isn’t necessary, but it is good practice for upcoming races if you play along and try to hit as many boost orbs as possible as you zoom between balloons.

Pop all ten balloons, then report your achievement to Madam Kogawa, who will teach you the "Arresto Momentum" iconArresto Momentum spell, which slows enemies and objects.

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