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Hogwarts Legacy

Best Mods For Hogwarts Legacy

Paul McNally

Obviously Hogwarts Legacy was not going to get past a few hours old before somebody modded Thomas the Tank Engine into it. Such is the fate of any high-profile game release in this day and age.

But Hogwarts Legacy has already started to prove easier to mod than many people expected, and, as great a game as it is, it is not without its flaws of the type the modding community can rid us of leaving the devs to concentrate on squashing any bigger bugs they find.

With that in mind, with more mods being added daily we are now going to take a look at a few mods you can apply to the PC version of your game - some are useful, some are ridiculous - we will leave it up to you to see which you prefer.

Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods For PC

As is often the way when we are looking for the best mods, Nexusmods.com is the goto location on the internet. There you will be able to find the very latest files that modders from around the world have uploaded, but, more importantly, the community will vote on them and give you an indication of whether they are worth your time or not.

Of course, it is worth remembering that any forthcoming patches from Warner Brothers may break your game or mods, and any of this stuff could break your game anyway, so we would always advise going with the mods that carry the best reviews.

Right, let’s get going.

Silencio - Floo Lady Silencer

Okay so every time you use a Floo Flame you get a bit of chat from the lady of the flame. Does it irritate you? We have to admit, it didn’t irritate us - until we realized you could get rid of it. Then, why not?

Oh just be quiet will you? I don’t care about your Floo Powder!

It’s one file, easy to install into your Steam directory and you will never hear her going on about inventing Floo powder ever again. What is not to like?

Mouse Controls For Brooms

We have heard a lot of grumbling about broom controls, a lot of it from within Gamer Guides Towers but this mod could be here to help, especially if it gets added to in the days and weeks ahead.

Control your wayward cleaning device with a flick of the wrist - just like in Call of Duty. Well sort of.

What it provides right now is the ability to fully control the broomstick with your mouse, including ascending and descending. It also keeps the existing vanilla controls so you can go back if you don;t want it. There is even an inverted version for those people who have to invert flying controls on everything.

Room of Requirement Upgrado

Have you noticed you can, by and large just pop a ‘o’ on the end of a word and make it a spell in Harry Potter land? Well prepare to Upgrado your Roomo. This mod will increase your yield from beasts and let you conjure absolutely anything you want.

Need a better Room of Requirement? Look no further than this mod.

It also increases all your Beast capacities from 12 to 99 so you don’t need to pick and choose what to keep anymore.

Alohomora Mod

Can’t face the grind of getting everything unlocked? Is your time limited so much that you don’t mind taking some of the fun out of the game in order for a little quality of improvement? Then you should be checking out the Alohomura mod.

Start your game with absolutely everything unlocked

This mod allows you to start your journey with every single spell, clothing, broom upgrades, conjuration items, and floo travels unlocked, meaning you can concentrate on the quests and exploration. Does it spoil the game? We guess it is a matter of taste - it may be just what your are looking for.

Hogwarts Legacy Save Game Editor

Very often on games such as Hogwarts Legacy a save game editor rapidly becomes something that can improve your quality of life so much you wonder how you ever lived without it. One of our biggest bugbears so gar is the measly gear inventory system that sees you systematically having to destroy gear in order to make room for the many items you will come across on your travels. Gear slots can be increased by completing Merlin Trials, but why?

The Save Game Editor lets you perfrom a little magic on the games files.

With a great set of features from the off, this mod gets straight to the heart of the game’s database files, and therefore you do need to take a little care not to break your entire game. But read the instructions and don’t go too crazy and you should be just fine.

  • Modify Resources (You must have at least one).
  • Modify Combat Resources (You must have at least one).
  • Modify Talent Points
  • Delete Talents
  • Modify Mission Item Counts
  • Change Player Name
  • Change Player House
  • Change Base Inventory Size
  • Modify Exp
  • Extract SQLite databases from file.
  • Create save file from SQLite files.

We will come back and update this page and add to it as we find better mods over the coming days and weeks so be sure to check back to see what we have found.

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