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Hogwarts Legacy

How to Open the Chests with Eyes in Hogwarts Legacy

Craig Robinson

Hogwarts Legacy has quite a few things you can find with Revelio ranging from field guide stuff, to chests containing loot or money. However, some of these chests are locked with an eyeball staring right at you, preventing you from opening them. If you want to open the chests with eyes in Hogwarts Legacy, you will need to go invisible.

Here is how to open chests with eyes in Howarts Legacy.

How to open chests with eyes in Howarts Legacy

To open these chests, you must grind the main story a little bit and get to the Secrets of the Restricted Section. But, to get there, you must complete Professor Hecat’s assignments, allowing you to progress the main story. However, Black tells Fig to go to his office, and so, you do not have access to the restricted area you need to get to.

Here comes Sebastion. Sebastian will teach you a spell called Disillusionment, allowing you to turn invisible temporarily. Follow the quest objective taking you to Sebastian’s whereabouts, and speak to him. You’ll need to do a mission trying it out first, sneaking through students and mastering the spell before you actually get to keep it.

Now that you have the Disillusionment spell, you can open the chest with eyes in Hogwarts Legacy. Although, you cannot simply walk up to them and cast the spell. Instead, you will need to be out of sight of the chest, cast Disillusionment, and then walk up to the chest.

The eye chests in Hogwarts Legacy typically will be awake when its eye is open, and that is because it detects your presence. If you get too close, it locks the chest with a click and thud, with the eye glaring at you. Therefore, be weary of where and when you cast the spell if you intend to open an eye chest. If you wake the chest’s eye up fully, you will need to walk away and wait a little before it resets. Note the eye does open slightly when you get close while invisible, so dont worry about that as you can still open it. So, work out where the chest is, leave the immediate area, go invisible, and approach the chest when invisible to have the best chances of looting it.

Sneaking up to it while invisible will open the eye chest, granting 500 gold!

Once you manage to open one of the chests with eyes, you will always pick up 500 money. These make for being one of the best ways to make money in the game!

And there you have it, you now know how to open eye chests in Hogwarts Legacy. Happy hunting and getting the loot!

If you tend to do more roguery stuff, then we have a guide on picking locks too.

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