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How to Level Up Quickly

Jessica Dillon

Hogwarts Legacy is a huge game with lots to do in it. If you are enjoying the story, though, you have likely already found yourself coming to a stop due to being slightly underleveled for the next quest. Strangely enough, Hogwarts Legacy gives out experience a bit differently from most games, and you can’t just grind out enemies until you hit the next level. If you want to quickly reach your next story quest, though, then keep reading the guide below to learn the fastest ways to level up in Hogwarts Legacy.

Entering a battle arena.

Level Overview

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will be able to reach levels 24 to 26 by just going through the main story and taking classes on the side. Occasionally you will run into a roadblock where you have to find some field guide pages or do a side quest to gain some experience. If you want to see the final ending of the game, though, then you need to reach level 34, which is no small feat. In addition, to unlock all the traits and get all the game’s trophies, you will need to hit level 40. Here are some extra activities in the game that grants experience.

  • Battle Arena
  • Dueling Feats
  • Popping Balloons
  • Side Quests
  • Finding Field Guide Pages
  • Capturing and Breeding Beasts
  • Battling Enemies

Keep in mind that you get the same amount of experience from these tasks, regardless of your current level. Furthermore, things like fighting enemies is particularly useless as it barely grants you any experience. In fact, catching "Puffskein" iconPuffskein, the easiest beast in the game, gives you 80 experience points, way more than the 10 to 20 experience points you will receive from beating a group of spiders.

A field guide page.

You should also keep in mind that there are several activities in the game that won’t grant you any experience at all. This includes making furniture for your Room of Requirements, finding collection chests, and solving treasure vaults. The only experience you get from these is related to challenges.

Quickest Way to Level up in Hogwarts Legacy

While leveling up can feel like it comes to a standstill sometimes, particularly in the late game hours, we have done some math to help figure out what is the easiest way to gain experience. Field guide pages are worth looking into as you get 80 experience per page. This method can be easy if you use our guide to grab them quickly. Obtaining all 186 field guide pages is actually pretty easy and will gain you around 16,000 experience.

Checking the challenge page in Hogwarts Legacy.

If field guides feel a bit tedious, then you can go to one of two battle arenas in the base edition of the game. If you got the deluxe edition, then there will be a third arena. These areas let you farm out enemies to earn experience both from defeating them and to complete challenges. You even get bonus experience after you complete each wave, regardless of what difficulty you choose to play on. For quick experience to get to the next story quest, these are perfect combinations, and if done with a few side quests, you should be able to reach level 34, somewhere between 40 to 50 hours of playtime.

If you are looking to reach the max level, level 40, then there isn’t much we can do to help you speed up the process. You are looking at putting over 50 hours into the game, doing every side quest, and completing all of the challenges. We have guides for every side quest in the game, all collectible locations, and where to find those field guide pages.


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