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Hogwarts Legacy

How to Unlock the Loom

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page will detail how and when players can unlock the Loom in Hogwarts Legacy. The Loom is an important machine that you’ll unlock for your Room of Requirement. It’ll allow you to upgrade your gear and also apply special traits to your gear.

When do you Unlock the Loom?

Although the Loom is a super important bit of kit, you won’t actually have access to it immediately. Even when you’ve unlocked the Room of Requirement, there’ll still be a few more quests to do before you have access to the Loom. First, you’ll need to complete ‘The Helm of Urtkot’ quest, and then you’ll have access to The Elf, the Nab-Sack and the Loom quest. During this quest, you’ll need to complete a series of Beast related tasks, including catching and placing them in your vivarium. Once you’ve done that, Deek will tell you about the loom. First things first, you’ll need to use your conjuring spell to place down the Loom inside your Room of Requirement.

The Loom is a new bit of kit that’ll allow players to upgrade their gear!

How to Use the Loom to Upgrade Gear

The Loom can be used to upgrade your gear and also apply traits to them (if they have the slots). Upgrades will increase offence and defence stats, whilst Traits will give your items specific properties - i.e. increased defence from a specific enemy, or increased damage when using "Incendio" iconIncendio. Both upgrades and traits will require Beast materials, with different upgrades and traits requiring different materials. That means you’ll want to head out and get as many different Beasts for your Vivarium as possible! Additionally, since upgrading takes up resources, you may want to be selective about what you upgrade. If you’ve got a super strong legendary robe then that’s definitely worth upgrading!

Additionally, some gear have slots for higher tier traits and some gear won’t have any slots at all. You won’t be able to use any traits on gear without traits and you won’t be able to apply a trait greater than the gear’s assigned tier slot. If you want to put another trait in a slot that’s already occupied, you can overwrite it by paying for another trait at the loom.

You’ll unlock more traits by completing enemy challenges! You can also find these traits in bandit camps and other enemy camps.

(1 of 2) The Loom can be used to apply traits to gear with trait slots

The Loom can be used to apply traits to gear with trait slots (left), and it can also be used to upgrade gear. (right)

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