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Hogwarts Legacy Room Of Requirement Challenges & Rewards

Jacob Woodward

You’re not short of things to do in Hogwarts Legacy. With classes to attend, student problems to solve, and magical items to uncover, a lot of your time will be spent exploring both the famous castle itself and its surrounding lands.

If you want to add another set of objectives to your list, you can aim to complete the various Challenges in the game, housed within your Field Guide. These Challenges are separated into different categories, and this guide will focus on the Room Of Requirement set.

You’ll also get some nice rewards for completing these Challenges, so it could be a worthwhile endeavour for you, so let’s get started.

How To Unlock Room Of Requirement Challenges In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Challenges tab

Before we get into the Challenges and Rewards, these are actually locked behind a bunch of progression so knowing how to make them available yourself is obviously key.

To get Room Of Requirement Challenges, you’ll first have to reach The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom Main Quest. This is approximately halfway through the story so you will have to play a significant portion of the game to even have the chance at these Challenges.

After completing this Quest, you will be able to access the Room Of Requirement Challenges section within the Field Guide, but some will still be locked.

To gain access to them all, you must have Vivarium Breeding by finishing the Foal of the Dead Side Quest. This Quest becomes available after the Charles Rookwood Trial so finish that up if you want to progress through all of the Challenges.

Hogwarts Legacy Room Of Requirement Challenges

The Room Of Requirement Challenges in Hogwarts Legacy are broken down into three sections. These sections are Breed Unique Beasts, Rescue Beasts, and Upgrade Your Gear, with each one requiring one of the new Room Of Requirement features you will now have access to.

Room Of Requirement Challenges screen

The first of these, Breed Unique Beasts, is the easiest set to complete as it only has one objective to it. What you need to do here is breed 10 unique beasts which isn’t too difficult at all simply because you can fly around on your broom, locate "Beast Den" iconBeast Dens and grab a bunch to release into your Vivarium.

Next up, there’s the Rescue Beast section. This one, as the name suggests, you’ll be collecting a bunch of Beasts with that handy Nab Sack. In fact, this set of Challenges has three tasks within it, asking you to rescue 10, 20, and then 30 Beasts which again, is very easy to complete since there are a plethora of Beasts within each Den.

Finally, we’ve got Upgrade Your Gear, a big departure from the previous two Challenge sets since it does not focus specifically on Beasts. Instead, you’ll be utilising the Loom to improve your gear to new heights. You’ll have to add new upgrades to 5, 10, then 15 pieces of gear in order to finish this set which means you’ll have to tend to those Beasts quite a bit to have enough materials to do so. We recommend probably tackling this one last after you’ve both rescued and bred a whole host of Beasts.

Hogwarts Legacy Room Of Requirement Rewards

If you’re up for all of the tasks above that come with the Room Of Requirement Challenges, as previously mentioned, you will net yourself some rewards for doing so. These rewards, contrary to that of other Challenges, are not all cosmetic in nature so you may be able to up your Room Of Requirement decor, or even your abilities.

For completing the Breed Unique subset of tasks you will receive the "Legendary Masquerade Mask" iconLegendary Masquerade Mask. Not bad for one simple objective.

Now, for the Rescue Beasts section, since there are three tasks here, you will get three different rewards:

  • Billywig Hive Spellcraft
  • Magic Chime Spellcraft
  • Phoenix Statue Spellcraft

Room Of Requirement Rescue Beasts Challenge

Finally, the Upgrade Your Gear Challenges. These offer slightly different rewards, focusing on your "Ancient Magic" iconAncient Magic abilities, rather than cosmetics or Room Of Requirement additions:

Room Of Requirement Upgrade Your Gear Challenge


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