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Hogwarts Legacy

J Pippins Potions in Hogwarts Legacy: Inventory, Demanding Delivery Quest, Field Page

Craig Robinson

The "J. Pippin's Potions" iconJ. Pippin’s Potions store in Hogwarts Legacy will be your go-to place for potions, ingredients and recipes. If you ever plan on tackling Sharp’s assignments, and making potions for your combat build, then, you will want to visit this place. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the J. Pippin’s Potions store in Hogwarts Legacy.

J Pippin’s Potions Store in Hogwarts Legacy Location

Here is the J Pippins Potions Location in Hogsmeade.

The J. Pippin’s Potions location can be found in the northwest portion of the central part of "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade village. There is a Floo Flame Location right next the the store, making for quick access to this store locatiion.

Once inside, you can get a few things from this place. You can browse his wears, get a Field Guide Page at the back of the store, and take a delivery quest.

J Pippin’s Potions Inventory

Here is what you can grab from the J. Pippin’s Potions store.

As for the store itself, you can get all the potion recipes in the game and the potions outright. We’ve curated a table to reflect the cost of each item he sells.

Item Item Type Cost
"Focus Potion" iconFocus Potion Combat Tools 500
"Thunderbrew" iconThunderbrew Combat Tools 1000
"Edurus Potion" iconEdurus Potion Combat Tools 300
"Invisibility Potion" iconInvisibility Potion Combat Tools 500
"Maxima Potion" iconMaxima Potion Combat Tools 300
"Wiggenweld Potion" iconWiggenweld Potion Combat Tools 100
"Ashwinder Eggs" iconAshwinder Eggs Ingredients 150
"Dugbog Tongue" iconDugbog Tongue Ingredients 100
"Horklump Juice" iconHorklump Juice Ingredients 50
"Lacewing Flies" iconLacewing Flies Ingredients 100
"Leaping Toadstool Caps" iconLeaping Toadstool Caps Ingredients 150
"Leech Juice" iconLeech Juice Ingredients 150
"Spider Fang" iconSpider Fang Ingredients 50
"Stench of the Dead" iconStench of the Dead Ingredients 100
"Troll Bogeys" iconTroll Bogeys Ingredients 100
"Mongrel Fur" iconMongrel Fur Ingredients 50
"Focus Potion" iconFocus Potion Recipe Potion Recipe 1200
"Thunderbrew" iconThunderbrew Recipe Potion Recipe 1200
"Invisibility Potion" iconInvisibility Potion Recipe Potion Recipe 800
"Maxima Potion" iconMaxima Potion Recipe Potion Recipe 500

Note that if you are buying ingredients, then he typically only stocks 5 of each item at a time. If you buy him out, you will likely need to visit any of the appropriate Hamlet traders and check their clothes for more ingredients. You can also get some of the plant materials needed for potions from other stores, such as "The Magic Neep" iconThe Magic Neep in Hogsmeade. Alternatively, you can visit the Hamlet towns and see vendors like Fatima Lawang, "Jalal Sehmi" iconJalal Sehmi, and more.

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If you buy the recipes, you will likely need to buy some seeds from the Magic Neep and the "Dogweed and Deathcap" iconDogweed and Deathcap store. You will also need to buy planters from the "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls Store to fully use the Herbology feature, and make a consistent, steady supply of materials for your potion crafting. Buying up vendor items will become expensive very fast otherwise.

A Demanding Delivery Quest Walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy

(1 of 2) Use your invisibility potion to appease her.

Use your invisibility potion to appease her. (left), Select you’d like for even more of a monetary reward. (right)

There is a quest that you can get from J. Pippin’s Potions called a Demanding Delivery. This quest will take you from the potion seller (who gives you his strongest potions), all the way to a Hamlet called "Keenbridge" iconKeenbridge to visit a vendor called "Fatimah Lawang" iconFatimah Lawang.

Once you find her in the hamlet, speak to her. You will get a few dialogue choices to deal with Fatimah’s reluctancy to take your order. However, all the dialogue choices will lead to her demanding you use one of the "Invisibility Potion" iconInvisibility Potions. You should have a spare potion on you, thanks to Perry giving you four potions, and she only needs three. So, use one of those by accessing that in the combat item menu, and the consuming one in front of her.

After that, speak to her again, and she will take the remaining three off your hands. She will also mention how its unlikely they will partner up, and will not lose sleep if Pippins goes out of business.

A Demanding Delivery Best Choices: I’d Like an Additional Fee

Once you complete the A Demanding Delivery errand return to Mr Pippin in his store. Speak to him about the delivery, and then chat about it. You will get two choices:

  • It was no problem
  • She was certainly difficult
    These two choices only affect the speech of our character and nothing else.

After that, you get a choice again:

  • Thank you
  • I’d like an additional fee

If you select the additional fee option, you will get 500 Galleons. So, you should always choose this option, as it doesn’t seem to affect anything else in the game. You will also get the hat reward, the Potioneer’s Cap regardless of which answer you choose.

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