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Hogwarts Legacy

San Bakar's Trial Walkthrough

Jessica Dillon

San Bakar’s Trial is the last trial you will need to do in Hogwarts Legacy and one of the most interesting! This is because this trial gives you the late-game mount, the Graphorn. In addition, this trial is rather easy, and the Graphorn itself is this portion of the game’s boss fight, once again shaking things up a bit from the first few Keeper trials!

Using the Graphorn in San Baker’s Trial.

Finding San Bakar’s Trial

This quest will only become unlocked once you’ve hit level 24. If you’re a couple levels below this when you first get the notification for the quest, consider heading out and finding a few revelio pages or fighting a few bandit camps! Use our handy interactive map for locations on revelio pages, bandit camps, and more!

After hitting level 24, you will want to teleport to the Map Chamber and speak with Professor Fig. Afterwards, you’ll have to make the trek out to the Pensieve chamber located in "Cragcroftshire" iconCragcroftshire. Once there, look up and you will see a statue covered in vines. You’ll need to use "Confringo" iconConfringo to burn these away and reveal a huge Graphorn statue.

Confringo the vines away to reveal the Graphorn statue!

After discussing the statue with Professor Fig, he will send you to fight The Lord of The Shore, an actual Graphorn located on the beach south of you at "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast. You can use your broom to fly over to the location, but you must land and walk up to the area to trigger the Graphorn fight.

How to Beat The Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you approach the area, a Graphorn will appear and initiate a boss battle. You will want to use Confringo, "Incendio" iconIncendio, Diffendo and "Bombarda" iconBombarda on hand. You can’t use "Accio" iconAccio or "Levioso" iconLevioso in this fight, or any other controlling spells as the Graphorn isn’t going to be affected. Additionally, if you’ve gone all dark wizard, you can’t use unforgivable curses either - makes sense given you’re trying to befriend it!

The Graphorn is wary of any intruders!

The main thing you will want to concentrate on is dodging the Graphorn as it charges at you. You’ll need to be quick on the dodge as it swings and charges at you quite fast!

In addition to using strong damage spells such "Diffindo" iconDiffindo, you can also find several boxes located around the shore that you can throw at the Graphorn for easy damage.

A good strategy is to let the Graphorn charge, roll out of the way, and then hit it with basic attacks and some of your more damaging spells. Make sure you’re constantly kiting around the Graphorn so you can use the barrels and boxes around the shore frequently.

No whipping out your nab-sack for this one!

Be sure to use your ancient magic when the meter fills up to take a larger chunk out of the boss’s health meter. This isn’t a difficult fight, and as long as you concentrate on dodging, you should have no trouble bringing the Graphorn down.

Once you’ve whittled it down to half its HP, it’ll trigger a cutscene where the Graphorn begins to glow angrily. It doesn’t change its attack patterns much, but its charge attacks seem to do a bit more damage if you get hit by it. Just continue to focus on dodging and using your attacks whenever you get the chance!

Now he’s mad!

Once the fight completes, the Graphorn will charge you one more time. You will need to choose between kneeling or attacking it. This choice doesn’t really matter, and no matter what you do, you will get the Graphorn as a mount.

How to Complete San Bakar’s Trial

Once you have mounted your new friend, you will need to ride back to the trial location. Luckily, this is a pretty fun experience. You will be able to charge down poaches along the way, making the whole experience a Graphorn joy ride.

Charge down those poachers!

Once you get back to the trial area, stand your Graphorn on the stone circle so that the runes begin to glow and the door in front opens. You now need to dismount the Graphorn, and head inside to view the next pensieve memory. Once you’ve witnessed the pensieve memory, return to the Map Chamber to continue on with the story.

Can you Get More Graphorns?

If you wish to have another Graphorn, then you can go back to the same location on the shore to battle some more. If you want to breed them, you’ll need to grab yourself a female Graphorn, then use the Breeding Pen back at the Vivarium - head over to our guide on how to breed beasts for more information!

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