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Hogwarts Legacy

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How to Sneak Through the Library - Secrets of the Restricted Section

Nathan Garvin

The meat of the main quest Secrets of the Restricted Section lies in its dungeon - the first proper main story dungeon you explore in Hogwarts Legacy. Before that, however, you’ll be introduced to the "Disillusionment" iconDisillusionment spell, which you’ll have to use to navigate a stealth section. This page will help you sneak past the watchers in the library, both corporeal and incorporeal.

How to Start Secrets of the Restricted Section in Hogwarts Legacy

To start this main quest, you have to complete Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1, learning the Incendio spell in the process. Once done, you’ll be able to meet up with Sebastian Sallow, and after some chatter he’ll teach you the Disillusionment spell.

Sebastian will teach you the !Disillusionment spell, which is effectively "stealth mode" in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Sneak Past the Prefects in the Library

Succeed at the spell-learning minigame and equip the Disillusionment spell. Once done, cast it and your character will become… less visible. As Sebastian Sallow points out, Disillusionment isn’t as good as a cloak of invisibility or potions, which provide absolute concealment, but it’s far more affordable. If you’re played any game with stealth before, you know roughly how this works - avoid line of sight and/or keep your distance and enemies won’t detect you. Line of sight is far more important than distance, however, so keep that in mind.

When you’re ready, cast Disillusionment and sneak down the stairs to find a Prefect waiting for you. This nosy nark paces back and forth, so you just need to wait for them to go to the opposite end of the room before sneaking down and head down a second flight of stairs.

(1 of 2) Wait for the prefect between the stair cases to move to one side of the room,

Wait for the prefect between the stair cases to move to one side of the room, (left), then wait for the wandering prefect near the library door to move to the right. (right)

After you descend the second flight of stairs you’ll find a third, which leads to a large chamber dominated by a fountain. Beyond this fountain are three prefects and two doors. The door you need is to the left, and the prefect guarding it is facing away (to the left), leaving only one prefect patrolling between the two doors to worry about (the third prefect stands uselessly in front of the right door). Wait for the patrolling prefect to move towards the right door, then sneak on into the left door.

(1 of 3) Keep an eye on the librarian,

How to Sneak Past the Librarian

Once through the door, continue downstairs and through a second door to reach the library, where you’ll immediately spot the librarian. Sebastian will direct you to some bookcases to the left - obey him and head to the marked location and after a chat you’ll be instructed with stealing a key while Sebastian runs distraction.

When the chatter ends, move southeast to keep an eye on the librarian, who will patrol the area northwest of her desk. When she moves way from the desk, sneak over to her desk and swipe the key. She’ll busy herself checking on books opposite her desk, even after Sebastian’s distraction ends, so keep an eye on her and when she’s facing away from her desk, sneak back out into the safety of the bookshelves where you schemed with Sebastian. Now you have to make your way to the northern corner of the library, which can be easily done by heading to the northwestern edge of the room, then following the far wall northeast before turning southeast and unlocking the door.

(1 of 3) After getting through the gate and going down some stairs, you'll find a ghost blocking your path.

How to Sneak Past the Ghosts in the Library

You’re not quite done sneaking about yet. Go through the locked doors and head downstairs, where you’ll find another obstacle in your way - a ghost. This incorporeal stooge won’t budge, and she’s right in the way. Fortunately, she’s not too bright - look at a suit of armor in the corner opposite the ghost and hit it with a basic spell (DualSense-R2 / Xbox-TriggerRight) to cause a ruckus. When the ghost investigates, quickly sneak through the room past where the wraith was on watch.

(1 of 3) After getting past the first ghost, if you dawdle too long a second ghost may return to its original position.

Be careful, however, as there’s a second banshee lurking about here, and while she should be drawn to the same commotion as the first ghost, if you dawdle she’ll return to her post atop a staircase you need to descend. If you take too long or lose your nerve, just make your way northwest as far as you can and wait for the specter to return to her station atop the stairs, then use a basic attack on the wall in front of her to lure her away so you can sneak past.

Once you’re down these stairs, Sebastian will give the all clear, allowing you to shed Disillusionment. For details about finding all the treasures and solving all the puzzles in the upcoming dungeon, check out the page Antechamber Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy.

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