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Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy House Differences: Story & Common Rooms

Craig Robinson

Hogwarts Legacy takes you back 100 years or so before the times of Harry Potter’s crooked glasses and scarred forehead, a time when Goblins were on the rise, and Victoria was the queen of Britain. While the world is different, Hogwarts remains the same magical castle in the Scottish Highlands. When you arrive there, you will get the choice to pick one of the four iconic houses. However, before you decide, you may want to know if there are any differences in the Hogwarts Legacy houses? The answer to that is there are differences, but they are not too important.

We explain the Hogwarts Legacy House Differences, so you know what to expect. Image via Warner Brothers.

All Hogwarts Legacy House Differences

There are two main differences between the houses in Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. The Storyline
  2. The Common Rooms
  3. Outfits

The biggest difference between the Houses is that each one has some unique early-game quests. Each house tells a slightly different story going on within the students of each house. You can typically complete these house quests within the first few hours of gameplay. They will not affect the main storyline of the game, however, so it’s largely just some side content and a few dialogue changes here and there. Each house also has a unique companion, but you can visit them all and befriend them all regardless of house. You will want to do this if you’re a 100% completionist, or a platinum trophy collector, as there are four trophies for finishing the mini-plots for each house.

In terms of the specific storyline stuff, you can get a quest that puts your house banners up in the common room. There’s also general character reflection of your house, such as in the broom class, and some of the Sebastian main story missions too.

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The minor difference you also get is the logo on your uniform. This magically changes thanks to Professor Weasley slinging her wand to change your outfit’s branding. Therefore, your scarf and outfit house logo will reflect the house you choose at the start, as long as you keep the house themed outfits and attires on.

Hogwarts Legacy House Differences: Common Rooms!

(1 of 4) The Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin Common Room looks, cold, militaristic, and strong. Image via Warner Brothers.

The other main difference between the Hogwarts Legacy houses are the common rooms. Your characters will head over there after the house ceremony and begin their main and side mission adventures there. In each one, you will meet new characters and hang out with your various housemates.

Likewise, each Common Room is designed to fit the fantasy of each house.

  • Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin Common Room: is found deep within the castle, with thick robust stone walls and ornaments designed to reflect the power and strength of the house, with a cold, atmospheric miasma about the place.
  • Hogwarts Legacy Hufflepuff Common Room: You can contrast that with, Hufflepuff’s which is found in the cellar behind a door. Opening the door and joining Hufflepuff leads to a beautiful area with plants growing within the barrels and stonemasonry, with more beautiful gilded wooden beams decorating the various rooms and walls.
  • Hogwarts Legacy Ravenclaw Common Room: On the other hand, Ravenclaw is perched high above, with its arcane libraries, statues, and astronomy apparatus reflecting its students’ pursuits of all things knowledge.
  • Hogwarts Legacy Gryffindor Common Room: Finally, Gryffindor’s is more akin to that of a stately home, with its comforting rooms, screaming out its attention to the richness, warmth, and comfort.

The Best House to Choose in Hogwarts Legacy

Some people out there are curious if there is a best house to choose in Hogwarts Legacy or not. The answer to that is not really, at least not in a gameplay sense. All four houses award you with a slightly different plot and common room, as mentioned. So, the answer to the best is what’s more fitting to you? Pick the house you think suits you, your playstyle, or your general interest. When you play through all four houses and see their story lines, you may find one is the best for that reason. So, the best house is subjective, and go with whatever you want.

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