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Hogwarts Legacy

How to Clear the Goblin Camps - Breaking Camp Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

Once you reach "Upper Hogsfield" iconUpper Hogsfield, you’ll unlock two quests, one of which is Breaking Camp. Ranrok’s endeavors in the region have put a strain on the local populace, and since you and Ranrok are, shall we say, ideologically opposed, it only makes sense to help the locals out by dealing with their goblin problems. This page will cover the side quest Breaking Camp in Hogwarts Legacy.

Head to !Upper Hogsmeade and talk to Claire to start this quest.

How to Start Breaking Camp in Hogwarts Legacy

This quest will be discovered when you reach Upper Hogsfield, and you could conceivably complete it as soon as you can be bothered to trudge up here. Since it’s a bit far afield (north and slightly east of "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade), you may want to wait until you have a broom, as it’ll make reaching Upper Hogsfield easier. When you arrive, talk to "Claire Beaumont" iconClaire Beaumont, who will complain about the transgressions of Ranrok’s goblins, who have set up camps near the village. Needless to say, a bunch of goblins intent on prosecuting a war against wizards haven’t helped make the village safer, so volunteer to eliminate them to get this quest started in earnest.

(1 of 2) Using stealth to defeat the goblins is inherently safer, especially with the inevitable reinforcements.

Using stealth to defeat the goblins is inherently safer, especially with the inevitable reinforcements. (left), Failing that, you can go in wands blazing and put down the eight or so goblins (counting later arrivals) at each camp. (right)

How to Clear the Goblin Camps in Breaking Camp

The two goblin camps you need to clear are southeast of Upper Hogsfield - barely even worth getting on a broom for, the closest one is just under 200 meters away. Each camp is populated with several goblins, and while the quest recommends you be at a paltry Lv2 or higher, the goblins you encounter will scale to your level. If you’re noticed, more goblins will spawn in, potentially doubling the number you’ll encounter at each camp, so you should be wary before you just charge on in.

Even a stealthy approach with Disillusionment will likely cause the enemy to summon reinforcements, even if they don’t actually detect you. Still, stealth is the easiest way to handle these goblins, as there’s rarely more than four in a camp at any time, and if left to their own devices they’ll tend to spread out, allowing you to pick them off one at a time.

However you go about doing it, once you’re done clearing the camps, return to Claire and either tell her “It was difficult.” or “I just surprised them.” - your response doesn’t matter, you’ll earn some cheap thanks and the Stag Skull Decoration as a reward.

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