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Hogwarts Legacy

How to Win Summoner's Court 2 in Hogwarts Legacy

Nathan Garvin

As time passes, another challenger will arise, and you’ll need to prove your mettle in the game of Summoner’s Court. This page contains a walkthrough for the side quest Summoner’s Court: Match 2 in Hogwarts Legacy, where we’ll cover how to defeat Samantha Dale.

How to Win Summoner’s Court 2 in Hogwarts Legacy

To start this quest, you’ll need to finish Summoner’s Court: Match 1 , then advance the main questline by completing Percival Rackham’s Trial. After that main quest is done, this side quest should appear in Hogwarts, just travel to the Flying Class Lawn Floo Flame in The Bell Tower Wing, where you’ll find the Summoner’s Court board set up and a new challenger waiting for you.

(1 of 3) If you pull a ball into the distortion field, it’ll start to swirl towards the center - Samantha’s first pull will likely demonstrate this.

How to Win Summoner’s Court 2 in Hogwarts Legacy

Talk to Samantha Dale and after a bit of chatter it’ll be time to get started. The rules are largely the same as the first time around, use "Accio" iconAccio to pull some balls across the colored segments of the board - the closer you get the ball to you, the more points you’ll earned, determined by the color of the section the ball comes to rest at, as follows:

  • Red - 10pts
  • Yellow - 20pts
  • Green - 30pts
  • Blue - 50pts

Each games of Summoner’s Court has its own twist on the rules, and in this case it’s the presence of two distortion fields on the board. These will change the momentum of the ball by pulling them towards the center of the distortion field - view it as a gravity well, as the ball will roll around the distortion before eventually coming to rest in the center… assuming it doesn’t get thrown off the board! It’s possible to thread the balls around the distortion field, and if you maintain control of your Accio spell, you can pull the ball right through the distortion field. If you lose your nerve and try to stop along the edge of the distortion field, however, you’re likely to get a poor result, and this you can ill afford, as Samantha will almost certainly put up 100 points during her turns. Her first pull will likely be her worst, as this mostly showcases the effects of the distortion field by getting a ball caught in the rightmost one, likely resulting in a 20 point ball for Samantha.

The solution to this course is simple enough. Pull all the balls BETWEEN the two distortion fields, as much as possible. Do not try to go along the right side of the board. Do not let your balls enter the left distortion field. Obviously this is more idealized than realistic, especially as balls will start to clutter the court as the match proceeds, but the compromise is to pull balls through the left edge of the right distortion field - keeping away from the center of the distortion field as much as possible. Samantha’s first ball will probably end up in the center of the distortion field,, so it should be easy enough to just pull your balls to the left of hers. Don’t lose your nerve and keep pulling with Accio until the ball has mostly cleared the distortion field and you should avoid having the ball sent astray. Worst case scenario is a 30 point play on the green sector if you do this properly. If you’re not quite bold enough early on, don’t worry - if your new ball collides with an old one, you may actually be able to nudge it into a better spot, and this will also prevent you from over-pulling.

You’ll probably need at least one blue to beat Samantha, who, again, will probably put up 100 points during this match. Keep trying until you win, after which Samantha will curse her own overconfidence and darkly suggest that an even more formidable opponent awaits.

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