The Map Chamber main quest represents the introduction of Professor Fig to Professor Percival Rackham alongside some magical revelations that will set the tone for the rest of the game. Let’s not waste any time in getting straight into the Map Chamber main quest; just make sure Wizards and Witches are at least level ten to continue.

The Map Chamber

Now that Professor Fig is back at Hogwarts, we can take the missing pages to him and show him where the secret map chamber is below Hogwarts. To save time, let’s start by taking the Floo Flame directly to Professor Figs Classroom. Then head up the steps to his office to find him waiting for Wizards and Witches.

After hearing the ranting of Fig’s gripes against the Ministry of Magic Minister Spavin and our protagonist catching the good Professor up on the missing pages and Jackdaw, we’re back in business. The main quest will then take players near the Map Chamber’s entrance, allowing Witches and Wizards to unlock a Floo Flame to the Map Chamber.

(1 of 3) Don't forget to track quests on the field guide map for easier navigation.

From appearing near the Map Chamber, head down the spiraling stone staircase as our protagonist recalls Professor Fig about how the lost pages got into the hands of Jackdaw. The Floo Flame is at the bottom of these stairs, the way to the Map Chamber. Head through the Aincent Magic doors to start a cutscene of Fig and the Fifth year entering the Map Chamber. As the book’s pedestal shines, Professor Fig places the book back in its resting place.

This opens up a magical map on the water-filled floor, illuminated by magical starlight and overseen by Professor Percival Rackham and his colleagues. As the map settles, Rackham reveals himself in his magical portrait, being introduced to the Witches or Wizards’ mentor, Professor Fig.

The Book is the key to unlocking the Map Chamber’s secrets, which is also a sign that Witches and Wizards have latent ancient magic abilities. Rackham reveals that the locations of the four trials will appear on the map in time, testing them and granting invaluable knowledge. He also states that these trials must be faced alone and asks the Hogwart Student if they remember the Pencieve Memory they viewed in Gringotts. Players may answer one of the following:

“I do.”
“I don’t recall it fully.”

Depending on one’s choice, either our protagonist or Professor Rackham recalls the events. He reveals that none of the events so far was a trial, with the real ones being saved to test innate and learned abilities. The experiences Witches and Wizards will go through in the trials will help them make the best decision with the information The Keepers share.

(1 of 3) Professor Fig places the book on its pedestal, acting as a key to unlock the secrets of the Map Chamber.

Professor Fig cuts straight to the point, stating that the current situation doesn’t have the luxury of time. It’s then revealed that our Witch or Wizard can also see traces of Dark Magic being wielded by Goblinkind, including Ranrok. After stating that the duo might already be too late, Rackham asks our protagonist if they trust Professor Fig. The fifth-year confirmation that he is leads Rackham to show them the location of the first trial. The fact that Witches and Wizards are absolute units in skill and accomplishments is also a big plus. The catch is that the trails can only be physically completed by one who can call on "Ancient Magic" iconAncient Magic.

After a quick pep talk with Professor Fig and a promise to keep the situation secret, players are left to go to the trial in the North of Hogwarts. Professor Fig will meet them there, so get the location tracked on the field guide map and get going!

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