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Side and relationship quests have their benefits of gold and more in Hogwarts Legacy, this is personified perfectly with the Absconder Encounter: Heirloom Pocket Watch location side quest. Witches and Wizards will pick up plenty of these quests just by walking around the Wizarding World and speaking to people, with the majority of them being worthwhile taking on. Whether it’s for Gold, gear or anything else, Witches and Wizards can almost guarantee gaining rewards and treasures not found via other means. Let’s dig into the Absconder Encounter sidequest, including finding the Heirloom Pocket Watch location.

Absconder Enounter: Heirloom Pocket Watch Location

Head to "Aranshire" iconAranshire. From the Aranshire Floo Flame, head right to find the Hamlet Shop owner "Edgar Adley" iconEdgar Adley who will explain his friend Milio had died while carrying out a “Get rich quick” scheme in the "Forbidden Forest" iconForbidden Forest. Milo wanted to procure Venom from a living "Acromantula" iconAcromantula, a giant Spider that isn’t easy to take down.

(1 of 3) Find Edgar Adley to the right of the Aranshire Floo Light.

Edgar Adley explains that Milo asked him to take his pocket watch, so his daughter had something to leave behind, but Edgar ran home before he was killed himself. So in case Wizards and Witches haven’t guessed by now, they will be tasked with taking the fight to the Acromantula and retrieving Milo’s lost heirloom in the “Absconder Encounter” side quest. This also counts as a relationship quest for those chasing those challenge rewards.

Before traveling, it’s going to be a good idea to stock up on Wiggenwald Potions, learn all fire-based Spells, and grab their respective talents. Specifically "Incendio" iconIncendio and "Confringo" iconConfringo alongside "Arresto Momentum" iconArresto Momentum to buy a bit of time for healing and finishing off long combos to build up the ancient magic meter.

By the time Wizards and Witches are active in the Absconder Encounter side quest, the chances are they’ve visited Jackdaw’s Tomb as part of the main questline for Hogwarts Legacy. This also means they’ll be able to travel to the Jackdaw’s Tomb Floo Flame to get there. If not, travel to the Forbidden Forrest; there’s a Floo Flame available for fast travel at its entrance, although it’s a longer journey overall.

Along the way, Wizards and Witches will encounter Dark Wizards, Poachers, Goblins, Spiders and Wolves, so make sure to keep some distance between them and exploit their weaknesses. The basics covered in the Crossed Wands sidequest are Hogwarts Legacy essential combat skills and should be executed when needed. Alternatively, Witches and Wizards can hop on their broom and skip right to the maze that leads to Absconder’s Cave, but we would recommend taking on enemies as they are spotted for the experience points. Also, remember to spam "Revelio" iconRevelio along the way to collect any treasures or items that will come in useful later.

(1 of 2) Poachers and all kinds of enemies are waiting for Wizards and Witches in the Forbidden Forest.

Poachers and all kinds of enemies are waiting for Wizards and Witches in the Forbidden Forest. (left), The path to Absconder’s Cave lies behind a maze full of Spiders and webs. It’s quite easy to navigate however thanks to fire Spells. (right)

The Maze is less of a puzzle and more of a webbed path. Use Incendio and Confringo to wipe out "Venomous Scurriour" iconVenomous Scurriours and the like and burn down webs blocking pathways. Just follow the map marker and the torch-lit archways to navigate correctly to Absconder’s Cave.

Wizards and Witches will be prompted about the arrival at the Absconder Cave with the protagonist stating “This could be the Acromantula cave Mr Adley mentioned.” This would be a wise time to save the game and ensure all essential spells are under the DualSense-R2-Filled R2/ Xbox-TriggerRight-Filled RT mapping. We decided to use the following Spells for the upcoming boss fight:

Spell How To Use It
"Incendio" iconIncendio Use to crowd control spider spawns throughout the fight
"Confringo" iconConfringo Long-range damage to Absconder
"Arresto Momentum" iconArresto Momentum To slow down Absconder at long-range to expend combos and heal
"Diffindo" iconDiffindo Long-range damage to Absconder

We’ve gone into more detail on the Absconder Encounter boss fight for Wizards and Witches to come out on top every time, make sure to read up on the best strategy for Absconder the Acromantula.

Acromantula the Absconder is a tough opponent, make sure to check our guide on the best strategy for taking it down.

After defeating the Acromantula, Absconder, Wizards, and Witches should head to the room blocked by a web inside Absconder’s Cave. Inside they will find the quest item “Heirloom Pocket Watch” on the floor in front of a large chest containing a set of Outland Duelling Gloves and a bag containing a Tartan Sunrise Scarf. Finally, Fast Travel back to the Aranshire Floo Light to give Edgar Adley the good news of finding the Heirloom Pocket Watch. In turn he will rewards Hogwarts Students with 300 gold and access to his Hamlet Shop.

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