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Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy The Coastal Mine Puzzles and Chests - Lodgok's Loyalty

Ben Chard

As you reach the closing stages of your adventure, you will need to meet up with Lodgok, who requests your attention. Unfortunately, once you reach the meeting place, it appears that Lodgok may be in the mine packed with Ranrok’s Loyalists. This page will tell you how to get every chest and clear every puzzle in the Lodgok’s Loyalty Main Quest.

Lodgok is trapped somewhere in the Coastal Mine.

Chests and Puzzles in The Coastal Mine

Once you enter the mine itself, you’ll soon notice that the mine is a massive structure with multiple levels, locating Lodgok is not going to be easy, especially with this many Goblin Loyalists about.

As you head into the first main room, you’ll two Loyalists to dispatch, consider using steal to deal with them quietly. The way ahead is blocked, so you’ll need to use the nearby mine cart to delve deeper into the mine.

Once you get off, follow the path up the stairs and then turn to your left to spot an unlit furnace. Use "Incendio" iconIncendio or "Confringo" iconConfringo to light it, this will be handy for later when you need to access a switch for a Collection Chest. Continue along the linear path and pull the platform to you with "Accio" iconAccio, before using it again to pull yourself over the gap.

(1 of 2) Be sure to light the furnace

Be sure to light the furnace (left), so you can use this switch later to claim a collection chest. (right)

Shortly after this, you’ll reach a large room with multiple paths out of it, and, of course, more Ranrok Loyalists to take care of. You can try the stealth route again, but odds are you will be spotted by one of the Goblins higher up. Instead, keep on the move, use spells like "Expelliarmus" iconExpelliarmus to knock their weapons away and use them against them with "Ancient Magic" iconAncient Magic.

Infamous Foe Grodbik

Once the area is free of Goblins, you have a number of paths you can take. Begin by heading to the north and you’ll spot another furnace to light. Do so to call the lift and take it down. At the bottom, you’ll find "Grodbik" iconGrodbik, a Level 30 Infamous Foe, flanked by other Goblin Loyalists. Unless you have multiple casts of Ancient Magic ready, ignore him for now and deal with the lesser Goblins first, this should allow you to build up your Ancient Magic and a few casts of it should deal with him.

The other main threat in this room is the "Fortified Troll" iconFortified Troll, it can cause massive damage to you while you’re trying to deal with the other Goblins, but it has plenty of health that it’s not wise to focus on it first. Instead, consider using and "Edurus Potion" iconEdurus Potion to help (better if you have the Talent).

(1 of 3) Focus on the goblins and !Grodbik first

Once the area is clear, search around, you’ll find a Legendary Chest sitting at the back of the room (close to where the Troll was). Once you’ve claimed your spoils, light the furnace to the right of the lift (when facing it) and take it back to the top.

Coastal Mine Collection Chest #1

You still have two choices on how you wish to proceed from here, using Accio on the platform to the south or to continue along. Ignore the platform to the south, as this leads to the objective and instead, continue up the stairs.

Follow the path to the right and you’ll eventually reach a manhole that you can use Accio on to gain access to. Drop down and follow the path and you’ll reach a “vault” where the first Collection Chest awaits. You can then open the door and take the mine cart once more to return to the previous area.

(1 of 2) Use !Accio to pull the manhole cover up

Use !Accio to pull the manhole cover up (left), then follow the path to the Collection Chest. (right)

This time around, take the only other path available by using Accio to pull the platform to you and ride it down.

Coastal Mine Collection Chest #2

You’ll find another area teeming with Goblin Loyalists so take care of them in the manner you see fit to clear the area. You’ll once again have two paths available to you, taking the mine cart in front of you, or continuing along the path to your right.

Take the mine cart first, and once you get off, you’ll see the switch from earlier that you provided power to via the first unlit furnace. Pull this switch with Accio to open the door and claim the second and final Collection Chest in The Coastal Mine.

Taking the mine cart will take you to the switch from earlier, leading to this Collection Chest.

Take the mine cart back and follow the path to the right of it to another unlit furnace. Use Incendio or Confringo to activate it and take the lift down to the bottom. Follow the linear path and prepare as you enter the cavern beyond.

Goblin Loyalists and Troll Battle

You’ll be thrust into battle against a large group of Goblins and a Troll, and the area you’re in isn’t the most spacious. As always in battles like this, ignore the Troll as best you can and focus on dealing with the lesser Goblins first. There are plenty of barrels you can sling about to cause explosive damage.

(1 of 3) Deal with the goblins first

Once the area is free of enemies, you’ll need to collapse all the pillars close to the drill in order to destroy it. Use "Revelio" iconRevelio to highlight the pillars and use Confringo to deal the damage and put the drill out of action. Once the story scenes finish, you’ll find yourself back near the entrance of the mine, leave it and you’ll bring this Main Quest to a tragic end.

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