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All Conjuration Recipes

Jessica Dillon

Once you get your Room of Requirements, you will likely want to get started with decorating it. You won’t have much of a variety in conjurations to start with and will quickly notice that many of the options are locked. To get all the furniture recipes, you are going to need to go on a trip around the Hogwarts Legacy map and take a lot of time finding collection chests. The guide below goes over every single conjuration recipe in Hogwarts Legacy and how to get it.

Conjuring a desk in the Room of Requirements.

How to Get Conjuration Recipes

Conjuration recipes are quite common in Hogwarts Legacy and are one of the main rewards obtained from collection chests. There are a total of 160 conjurations to find with 265 different items including varations that you can customize your Room of Requirements with, and the sections below go over how to get every single one of them. For the most part, you can get any of the conjuration recipes during any part of the games story, so you may find that you already have some extra decorations when your room unlocks.

Gear Conjurations

There are a total of three gear-related conjurations. These will mostly be bought from "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls in "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade.

Conjuration Where to Get Cost
Desk of Description Starter Conjuration N/A
Loom Starter Conjuration N/A
Material Refiner * "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls 1,500 coins

Potion Stands and Hopping Pot Conjurations

There are four different potion stands to collect. These will expand how many potions you can make at once. Once again, you should stop in at "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls in "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade to buy most of these conjuration spells.

Conjuration Where to Get Cost
Hopping Pot * "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls 3,000
Small Potions Station * Starter Conjuration N/A
Medium Potions Station * "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls 1,000
T-Shaped Potions Station * "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls 2,000

Herbology Conjurations

There are a total of ten conjuration recipes related to Herbology. The larger tables will let you have bigger plants or more plants growing at once. Like the last two sections, you can get your herbology needs met at "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls in "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade.

Conjuration Where to Get Cost
Dung Composter * "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls 1,000
Chopping Station * "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls
Potting Table With A Small Pot * Starting Conjuration N/A
Potting Table With Three Small Pots * "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls 400
Potting Table With Five Small Pots * "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls 2,500
Potting Table With A Medium Pot * "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls 750
Potting Table With Two Medium Pots * "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls 1,500
Potting Table With Three Medium Pots * "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls 3,000
Potting Table With Two Large Pots * "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls 3,000
Potting Table With A Large Pot * "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls 1,000

Artwork Conjurations

There are a total of 41 artwork conjurations to pick up, and many of them move.

Conjuration Where to Get
Archway Diagram Collection Chest
Astrological Diagram Collection Chest
Beast Diagram Collection Chest
Bickering Couple Portrait Starter Conjuration
Blank Square Frame Collection Chest
Coastal Landscape Collection Chest
Contraption Diagram Collection Chest
Cottage Illustration Collection Chest
Dapper Wizard Portrait Starter Conjuration
Diricawl Painting Collection Chest
Family of Four Young Witches Portrait Collection Chest
Floating Island Painting Collection Chest
Forest Landscape Collection Chest
Gazing Witch Portrait Starter Conjuration
Gazing Wizard Portrait Starter Conjuration
Gnome Illustration Collection Chest
House-Elves And Mistress Portrait Starter Conjuration
Lovers Across the Garden Wall Portrait Collection Chest
Magical Contraption Painting Collection Chest
Magical Monuments Painting Collection Chest
Mischievous Young Witch Portrait Collection Chest
Mooncalf Painting Collection Chest
Mountainous Landscape Collection Chest
Niffler And Witch Portrait Starter Conjuration
Nurse And Baby Portrait Starter Conjuration
Old Witch Portrait Collection Chest
Phoenix Painting Collection Chest
Pinned Butterflies Collection Chest
Star-Based Symbol Collection Chest
Stone Monument Landscape Collection Chest
Swamp Landscape Collection Chest
Taxidermied Bat Collection Chest
Taxidermied Fish Collection Chest
Taxidermied Worm Collection Chest
Terrarium Painting Collection Chest
Tree Illustration Collection Chest
Tudor Wizard Portrait Collection Chest
Wigged Wizard Portrait Collection Chest
Wizard Couple Portrait Collection Chest
Wizard Potioneer Portrait Collection Chest
Wizard in Profile Portrait Collection Chest

Decorative Conjurations

There are a total of twenty-five decorative conjurations.

Conjuration Where to Get
Armored Knight Collection Chest
Ornamental Stand * Collection Chest
Standing Clock * Collection Chest
Standing Light * Starter Conjuration
Witch Mannequin * Collection Chest
Wizard Mannequin * Collection Chest
Dragon Globe Collection Chest
Dragon Sculpture Stand Collection Chest
Encased Relic Stand Collection Chest
Frog Choir Stand Collection Chest
Gold Herbology Trophy Starter Conjuration
Gryffindor Standing Banner Collection Chest
Horned Knight Collection Chest
Hufflepuff Standing Banner Collection Chest
Large Armillary Sphere Collection Chest
Large Globe Collection Chest
Marble Globe Collection Chest
Quidditch Goalposts Stand Collection Chest
Ravenclaw Standing Banner Collection Chest
Slytherin Standing Banner Collection Chest
Small Armillary Sphere Collection Chest
Stuffed Toy Dragon Collection Chest
Telescope Collection Chest
Urn Stand Collection Chest
Wooden Maiden From The Quest The Unique !Unicorn

Furniture Conjurations

There are five different furniture conjurations to collect.

Conjuration Where to Get
Bookcase * Collection Chest
Cabinet * Collection Chest
Desk * Collection Chest
Dressing Screen * Starter Conjuration
Carved Bookstand Collection Chest

Rug Conjurations

There are three different types of rugs to use.

Conjuration Where to Get
Large Square Rug * Collection Chest
Medium Rug * Starter Conjuration
Small Rug * Collection Chest

Seasonal Conjurations

There are only two seasonal conjurations currently in the game.

Conjuration Where to Get
Christmas Tree Collection Chest
Jack-O-Lanterns Collection Chest

Seating Conjurations

There are five different types of chairs to conjure in Hogwarts Legacy.

Conjuration Where to Get
Armchair * Collection Chests
Chair * Starter Conjuration
Sofa * Collection Chests
Pouf Footstool Collection Chests
Tufted Footstool Collection Chests

Statue Conjurations

You can place thirteen different types of statues in your Room of Requirements.

Conjuration Where to Get
Diricawl Statue Collection Chest
Fwooper Statue Collection Chest
Giant Purple Toad Statue Collection Chest
Graphorn Statue Collection Chest
Hippogriff Statue Collection Chest
Jobberknoll Statue Collection Chest
Kneazle Statue Collection Chest
Mooncalf Statue Collection Chest
Niffler Statue Collection Chest
Phoenix Statue Save 30 beasts
Puffskein Statue Collection Chest
Thestral Statue Collection Chest
Unicorn Statue Collection Chest

Table Conjurations

You have ten different tables to choose to decorate with.

Conjuration Where to Get
Card Game Table Collection Chest
Decorated Table * Collection Chest
Gobstones Table Collection Chest
Huge Decorated Table Collection Chest
Huge Table Collection Chest
Large Decorated Table * Collection Chest
Large Table * Collection Chest
Quidditch Pitch Table Collection Chest
Small Table * Starter Conjuration
Wizard Chess Table Collection Chest

Wall Decor Conjurations

There are thirty-nine different pieces of wall decor for you to use.

Conjuration Where to Get
Books And Cauldrons Shelf From The Quest History of Magic Class
Centaur Crest Collection Chest
Distinguished House-Elf Head Collection Chest
Erumpent Horn From The Quest All’s Well That Ends Bell
Fine Cat Plates Collection Chest
Flower Box From The Quest Follow The !Butterflies
Four Rules Placards Collection Chest
Frilly Cat Plates Collection Chest
Gryffindor Wall Banner Collection Chest
Herbology Tools From The Quest Kidnapped Cabbage
Hogwarts Crest Collection Chest
Hufflepuff Wall Banner Collection Chest
Keg Shelf From The Quest A Friend in Deed
Lion Crest Collection Chest
Long Mirror Starter Conjuration
Long-Suffering House-Elf Head Collection Chest
Oddities Shelf From The Quest Portrait In A Pickle
Old House-Elf Head Collection Chest
One Rule Placard Collection Chest
Ornate Cat Plates Collection Chest
Oval Mirror Starter Conjuration
Phoenix Crest Collection Chest
Potioneer Tools Shelf Collection Chest
Quidditch Board From The Quest Dissending for Sweets
Quidditch Equipment Shelf Collection Chest
Ravenclaw Wall Banner Collection Chest
Respected House-Elf Head Collection Chest
Serpent Crest Collection Chest
Sinister Oddities Shelf From The Quest Tangled Web
Six Rules Placards Collection Chest
Skull And Candles Shelf Collection Chest
Slytherin Wall Banner Collection Chest
Stag Skull Decoration From The Quest Breaking Camp
Totem From The Quest Beeting A Curse
Totems Collection Chest
Two Rules Placards Collection Chest
Well-Regarded House-Elf Head Collection Chest
Wide Mirror Collection Chest
Winged Mirror Starter Conjuration


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