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Hogwarts Legacy

Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial Walkthrough

Jessica Dillon

Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial is one of the late-game story quests and takes a huge turn from the last two trials. Not only does it play differently, but the trial mission is visually stunning and has unique gameplay. Of course, things can still be a bit frustrating in this trial, especially during the stealth sections of the level. The guide below goes over how to complete Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial in Hogwarts Legacy.

Fighting a Death Troll in Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial.

How to Start Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial

This trial comes hot off the heels of The Polyjuice Plot, which has you gaining access to Headmaster Black’s office. Once you have changed back into your normal form, you will want to head to the "Trophy Room" iconTrophy Room near the Grand Staircase and proceed through it until you find a locked gate. You will need to play the unlocking mini-game and then proceed up the steps until you reach the "Phoenix" iconPhoenix statue.

The locked gate at the end of the Trophy Room.

Interact with it to open the path to the headmaster’s office. Once you enter, Niamh will begin speaking with you and direct you to a book directly up the short staircase. Interacting with it will immediately send you into the trial, so come prepared.

How to Complete the Stealth Section of Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial

Once you enter the trial, a storybook-like black-and-white filter will be present. During the first bit of the trial, you will be told a story by Niamh and be tasked with finding her. To do this, you must sneak past Death’s minion. You will use the "Disillusionment" iconDisillusionment spell and the nearby walls to hide. If you are caught, then you will have to start over again, which can be quite annoying.

Reapers guarding the path at the start of Niahm’s Trial.

Luckily, all of the reapers follow a pretty easy-to-navigate path. For each segment, simply wait for the reapers to walk in the opposite directions and then hurry past them. Death will appear, and some points to loom over you, but he won’t spot you. You will also notice that the village is being attacked. This can’t hurt you, so keep proceeding forward. Keep going until your character notices a ladder. Once this happens, Death will summon more minions and surround you, climb the ladder to avoid them.

Death looming over the village.

You will make your way around the corner of the roof before dropping down into a room. Keep proceeding forward until you see what looks to be a ritual site with a glowing object in the middle. This object is the invisibility robe. With it, you no longer need to wait for the reapers to move around. You can walk right past them. Hurry to the next site, where you will find a glowing wand. Niamh will now inform you that you have a fight on your hands.

Using the Deathly Hallows in Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial

Once you get the wand, you will be able to fight the roaming reapers, and your spells will be much stronger. Wipe away the first few sets of reapers you encounter, pushing through the ruins in front of you. Within a few minutes, you will come to a large open courtyard where the main challenge of this half of the trial takes place. Death will rise up and tower over you while summoning minions to attack, including Death Trolls.

Battling a Death Troll during Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial.

You will need to survive this onslaught and defeat all of the enemies to move to the next Deathly Hallow. Concentrate on knocking the troll out first, as they can deal a heavy amount of damage. To make this process go by a bit quicker, you can use your ancient magic on them to knock out a larger chunk of their health. Death will keep summoning more enemies after this first wave, including a few more Death Trolls. Keep an eye on your health and dodge at the appropriate times to keep from being killed. Luckily, you still have the Elder Wand with you, so you’re dealing more damage than normal.

You won’t get the chance to fight Death himself. Instead, he will leave after the fight, and you will go to the final ritual site to get a stone. After this, you will be transported back to the all-white plain and finally find Niahm. Shortly afterward, you will be able to use the pensive and complete this story quest.

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