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Hogwarts Legacy

How To Complete Hogwarts Secret Clock Tower Puzzle In Hogwarts Legacy

Jacob Woodward

As you would expect, Hogwarts Legacy is full of little secrets that if you do a little exploring, you can find reveal for yourself. Now, while most of these you’ll likely stumble across such as Animal Doors or Moth Portraits , there are some more hidden away, requiring a little more digging.

One of these secrets is tied to some doors in the Clock Tower, and you’re going to need to perform a little magic to get inside. This guide will reveal all, showing you exactly how to complete this Hogwarts Secret Clock Tower Puzzle.

Hogwarts Secret Clock Tower Puzzle Prerequisites

Before we get into the steps you need to follow, let’s get the prerequisites out of the way. Yes, you read that right, if you want to even start this Clock Tower Puzzle, you’re going to need to have played a bunch of the game.

The first of these prerequisites is learning "Glacius" iconGlacius. This is a freezing spell, integral to your success here. You’ll unlock this spell after completing Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1 so ensure you get this done before attempting this puzzle.

The second prerequisite is the "Alohomora" iconAlohomora spell, the level 2 variant of this in fact. This is unlocked via first completing Gladwin Moon’s The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament Quest and then collecting his "Demiguise Statues" iconDemiguise Statues to enhance its strength to open level 2 locks.

Once both of the above have been secured, you know you’re ready to go.

How To Complete Hogwarts Secret Clock Tower Puzzle

Now, for the puzzle itself, your task here is to unlock four doors. To make a start on these, your first port of call is to head to the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame located in The South Wing

Once there, you should notice the giant pendulum of the clock itself swinging in front of you. This is the main focus of the puzzle as you’re going to be using this as the key to unlocking the doors.

Clock Tower Courtyard pendulum

Look up and you should be able to see that as the pendulum swings, it starts to cover one of four different magical beasts. This is where Glacius comes in as each of the doors also shares an image of these beasts, requiring you to freeze the pendulum as it covers each of them in order to unlock.

For the door locations, you may have seen at least one of these if you’ve walked around in the area. This is because they stick out thanks to their gated nature, opening and slamming shut as you walk past them.

If you haven’t though, we’ll now run through where to find each of these doors so you can unlock them in an instant.

Unicorn Door

The first door you’re likely to encounter is the unicorn door. This one is on the ground floor of The South Wing close to the aforementioned Floo Flame you will have just travelled to.

Locked unicorn door in the Clock Tower Courtyard

From the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame, head to your immediate left, through the open doorway gate and it’ll be right in front of you. To open it, wait for the pendulum to swing all the way to the left, hovering over the unicorn symbol, and cast Glacius. This will allow you to access it.

Frozen pendulum over the unicorn symbol using Glacius

Collect your spoils, and then onto the next one.

Owl Face Door

For the second door, you’re going to have to climb some stairs. Again, using the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame as your baseline, look to the left of the doorway to the outside. There should be a closed door in which you can climb a staircase to the next level.

Locked owl face door in the Clock Tower Courtyard

Once at the first floor, do an immediate left and go right to the end. You should be able to now see another gated door but this time, with an owl face icon on it.

To open this one, use the Glacius spell on the pendulum when it’s on the same looking symbol. This is the second one along from left to right.

Frozen pendulum over the owl face symbol using Glacius

Again, you’ll have a chest waiting for you. However, this will be an eyeball chest so cast "Disillusionment" iconDisillusionment on yourself before you enter to open it.

Twin Snakes Door

The third door is up on the next level so you won’t need to use the Floo Flame here, just stay where you are and traverse upward. There are two avenues up though, so ensure you use the staircase closest to the owl door as this is the way to go.

Locked twin snakes door in the Clock Tower Courtyard

Once you reach the next floor, head to your right, walking down a tiny set of stairs. This door has a symbol that looks like two snakes on it.

As you would expect, you’re going to be freezing the pendulum once again, this time on the rid symbol that corresponds to this door.

Frozen pendulum over the twin snakes symbol using Glacius

After this, go inside and collect what’s inside.

Scarab Door

The fourth and final door is the one with a scarab-like symbol on it. To reach this door, you’ll be goingup yet again, but this time using the left sided staircase.
Follow this until you see a door. Go through this door and you’ll be technically outside, with the door in front of you.

Locked scarab door in the Clock Tower Courtyard

Head back to where you came, cast Glacius when the pendulum is over the last symbol, and go back up. The door will now be open and you can get the final bit of loot.

Frozen pendulum over the scarab symbol using Glacius

For finishing this puzzle, you may be rewarded with a "Secret Solver’s Bathing Costume" iconSecret Solver’s Bathing Costume appearance since you will have completed a Hogwarts Secret. This is only for if this is your first secret completion, so if you’re on the later rewards, you’ll pick up either the "Tailored Tailcoat" iconTailored Tailcoat or "Fashionable Dress Robes" iconFashionable Dress Robes. Grab this by heading into your Challenges tab in the menu.

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