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How to Get The Graphorn

Jessica Dillon

If you love collecting mounts, then you’re likely excited to get your hands on your very own "Graphorn" iconGraphorn. This majestic beach dweller sadly doesn’t become available until you are in the last few story quests of the game. In addition, gathering them afterward is even more work. The guide below goes over how to get the "Graphorn" iconGraphorn mount, where to get a female "Graphorn" iconGraphorn and everything you need to know about breeding "Graphorn" iconGraphorns in Hogwarts Legacy.

The "Graphorn" iconGraphorn boss battle in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to Find The Graphorn

You won’t be able to get the "Graphorn" iconGraphorn mount until you reach San Bakar’s Trial in the main story. This is the 41st guest in the game and about an hour from the game’s finale. In this trial, you will be sent to fight the "Graphorn" iconGraphorn. After successfully winning the fight, you will mount the beast and be able to keep him for the rest of the game. The "Graphorn" iconGraphorn you get is male, however, so you will need to go back to the "Graphorn" iconGraphorn den in order to catch a female.

How to Get a Female Graphorn

Once you have completed San Baker’s trial, you can head to the Graphorn den to try your luck at finding a female. Each time you go to this den, you will need to fight the "Graphorn" iconGraphorn residing there to defeat it. This is very similar to the "Graphorn" iconGraphorn boss battle from San Bakar’s Trial. Roll to dodge the "Graphorn" iconGraphorn’s attack and use fire spells like "Bombarda" iconBombarda to subdue it.

Once the beast is down, use your Nab-sack to collect it, and you will be able to release it in your Vivarium. You should note that it will likely take quite a few visits to spawn a female unless you get lucky. You can catch shiny "Graphorn" iconGraphorn this way, or you can breed for a shiny one. They are a white color.

Can You Breed Graphorns

Yes, you simply need to have a breeding pen, and you can place a male and female "Graphorn" iconGraphorn inside to breed them. Like most beasts, it takes a "Graphorn" iconGraphorn 30 minutes to breed. These beasts will drop a "Graphorn Horn" iconGraphorn Horn, which can be sold for 700 G.


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