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Hogwarts Legacy

How to Choose A House in Hogwarts Legacy

Craig Robinson

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to play in all four houses in the game, and is part of the route to get platinum. It means that players will be able to choose their house and get those trophies, and see the house-exclusive mini-quests too, and a personalized dorm room. If you’re set on playing in a specific house, know you can. Here’s how to choose your house in Hogwarts Legacy.

Here’s how to choose a house in Hogwarts Legacy. Image via Warner Brothers.

How to Choose a House in Hogwarts Legacy

When players get in-game, you will begin by creating a character. Once you finally arrive at Hogwarts, you can sort yourself into a house. This is done like in the films and books, where students wear the sorting hat to get their house. In the game, your character is chosen to walk up and sit, with a few dialogue options before getting to the “Sorting Ceremony” screen. You will get the badges of all four houses, with minor details about each. You can select each one, and then press a button to confirm which house you want to join. There you have it, you now know how easy it is to choose a house in Hogwarts Legacy.

You still have the final say in the house sorting of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy House Sorting Hat Quiz

For those who want the immersive experience of getting thrown into a house, there are a few options available. When you create a character and get in-game, you will put the sorting hat on. It will speak to you, and you will get several dialogue options. One of the set of dialogue options involve your character’s personality, which can be used to mirror you to a house, but it won’t lock you in, its largely just for immersive roleplaying. The four dialogue options are:

Options for Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin

House Sorting Option House
Daring Gryffindor
Curiosity Ravenclaw
Loyalty Hufflepuff
Ambition Slytherin

There’s also another Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat Quiz option. The hat will ask you a question, and you will get two answers to choose from:

  1. “I can’t wait to start classes”
  2. “I can’t wait to explore”

The answer to this particular sorting hat quiz question in Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t appear to affect anything. Both of those answers seem to hint towards a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw themed answer, but these don’t seem to have any affect on what the hat thins you are. Again, the only answers that do are the ones we’ve tabled above in the other question.

So, if you want to immerse yourself in the game, then, the Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat Quiz you want to respond to properly is the question with four answers. Each of these options will toggle voice lines from the sorting hat, making it think your character belongs in a particular house. But, once again, you are not locked into your option, and have the final say no matter what answers you chose in the Sorting Hat quiz.

But what about the more meta reasons to join a house, such as the “best house”, or the house differences? We have a dedicated guide for that too. Hint, it’s mainly mini story arcs, aesthetic, and common room differences!

Wizarding World House Sorting for Hogwarts Legacy

However, there’s another method which you can do on Wizarding World. If you go to the site, and do the House Sorting quiz, Wand quiz, and Patronus quiz, you can get a more tailored house sorting quiz for Hogwarts Legacy.

When you complete all three quiz options, you may return to the Wizarding World homepage and scroll down until you see the connect option. Connecting your Wizarding World account and your Warner Brothers games account will award you with the option to join the house you get on the quiz, and get the wand you got too. Successfully inking your Wizarding World and WB account will also grant you exclusive rewards, like the House Fan-atic School Robe, and the Beaked Skull Mask. You can also get exclusive rewards on the Wizarding World site for playing through Hogwarts Legacy.

If you’re still waiting for the game to go live in your region, or delayed because you’re on PC, then popping along wth this quiz will help pass the time.

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