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Hogwarts Legacy

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A Basis for Blackmail Walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy

Craig Robinson

Those partaking in the Natty companion stories will be on hot pursuit for Harlow, Rockwood’s right-hand man. After the little Gazelle has had a stern telling off from her mother, she will, of course, ignore her, and set off to "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade, where you and Natty will begin to mount your evidence and case against the crook. During this quest, you will have to find people, gather testimonies, and find evidence. Here is everything you need to know about the A Basis for Blackmail mission in Hogwarts Legacy.

A Basis for Blackmail Walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy

You begin the Basis for Blackmail quest by searching out Harlow's victims in !Hogsmeade.

Once you’ve visited Natty and started the quest in Hogsmeade, you will need to enter into the village. There are three people you need to speak to. You can find them around the Magic Neep houses, another up the stairs in the Three Broomsticks, and the final one behind Galdrags. Just speak to them, and don’t worry about dialogue options, as the all progress the quest as normal.

Once that’s done, you need to go find Natty. You will need to head over the the wooden pier near the Hogs Head pub, and use your "Revelio" iconRevelio to find Natty’s wand. Once you have it, follow the footsteps into the back of the Hogs Head pub, go through the front door, and then turn right to the pub’s cellar and enter.

Basis for Blackmail: Cellar Adventures

(1 of 2) You need to pull the kegs on the side to enter the hideout.

You need to pull the kegs on the side to enter the hideout. (left), There are plenty of Ashwinder Foes to fight and pick off here. (right)

Once inside, you will need to cast "Accio" iconAccio on the two kegs on the side. Wait a few seconds after casting it on each one, as you will need to draw them fowards over a few seconds. Once both Kegs are pulled as far as they can go, the middle keg door will open.

From here on, we recommend using "Disillusionment" iconDisillusionment, as there are a few Ashwinders in here, some of which is quite high-level. Such examples include two level 26 "Ashwinder Executioner" iconAshwinder Executioners, along with some of your more average level 24 "Ashwinder Scout" iconAshwinder Scouts, and a few "Ashwinder Soldier" iconAshwinder Soldiers and "Ashwinder Assassin" iconAshwinder Assassins. The Scouts you can easily pick up, especially using your stealth takedown "Petrificus Totalus" iconPetrificus Totalus. However, trying to stealth takedown the Executioners will not one hit kill them, and so you will get into a fight with these characters. Not to mention the Soldiers and Assassins are awkwardly grouped, preventing pick offs.

We recommend sneaking around, picking off the few Scouts on the outer edges of the main lobby filled with enemies. From there, you can hide in the storage areas, shoot your wand and bait the occasional Ashwinder Scout to your general enclosed are for more stealth takedowns.

If you go to the east side of the room, you will be able to cast Revelio, and spot some metal gates. One of these will be open already, allowing you to climb to the floor above, bypassing "Gwendolyn Zhou" iconGwendolyn Zhou, the level 30 Infamous Foe, on the wooden stairs. This, will bring you to two prison guards, one Executioner, and one Ashwinder Soldier. You will need to fight the Executioner unfortunately. But, at least you can stealth takedown the Soldier.

Now that all enemies are cleared, you can walk into the prison room and rescue Natty, and Isko Rabe, the woman’s husband mentioned in the Three Broomsticks. Now it’s time to leave.

If you intend to mop up the chests and the optional objectives, read on to the next section below.

Upon leaving, you will speak to the Officer of Hogsmeade. No matter what dialogue options you choose, the result is always the same. The officer tells you to stop interfering, and advises Natty to speak to her mum at Hogwarts, before the Officer does. After the dialogue is over, you will complete the quest.

A Basis for Blackmail Chests and Optional Objectives

(1 of 2) Go to the eastern area of the Hideout, and climb the wooden area for the love letter.

Go to the eastern area of the Hideout, and climb the wooden area for the love letter. (left), Fight off the Ashwinders in the center of the hideout, and loot the box at the bar. (right)

If you intend to loot the place, you can loot quite a few items of importance. The first two are the optional objectives:

  • Otto Dibble’s love letter
  • Agabus Philbert’s book of poems

If you head to the east side of the room, where there are stacks of chests, and magical beast cages around, you will come across a raised wooden stair area. Climbing up the stairs will lead you to a chest at the top, which contains Otto Dibble’s Love Letter.

As for the book of poems, you can grab this in the center of the room. In the center, you will notice there is a makeshift bar on the west side of the center. The book of poems is on the bar, inside the blue box container.

There’s also a few boxes and chests with loot scattered around he main room as well. The big one is on a wooden staircase in the center, containing an unidentified object. Moreso, there are a few missable chests to the east, especially one where you need to pull a metal grid off the all to get to. But, they are nothing fancy, just some extra gold and potentially an item or two, depending on your luck.

This concludes the A Basis for Blackmail story in Hogwarts Legacy. Good luck getting your goodies, along with completing this stage of Natty’s storyline.

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