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Hogwarts Legacy

How To Solve The Henrietta's Hideaway Puzzles - Rescuing Rococo Walkthrough

Shane Williams

This is a guide for Rescuing Rococo Side Quests in Hogwarts Legacy. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to solving** Henrietta’s Hideaway** Puzzles and finding Rococo the Niffler.

Speak with Agnes Coffey in Bainburgh

How To Solve Henrietta’s Hideaway in Hogwart’s Legacy

This page has been one of our most popular pages on the whole site since the release of Hogwart’s Legacy so it is definitely a set of puzzles that has been confusing gamers the world over. Follow the steps below and you should have no further problems with putting this fiendish task behind you.

How To Start the Rescuing Rococo Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

After you’ve completed the Main Story Quest “The High Keep” you’ll be able to speak with "Agnes Coffey" iconAgnes Coffey who can be found in "Bainburgh" iconBainburgh of "Manor Cape" iconManor Cape. She seems distressed as her pet Niffler has recently run away. Unfortunately, she is too worried to check out Henrietta’s Hideaway where the Niffler may have run off to, as she doesn’t know what’s inside. However, we’re a skilled Witch/Wizard, so we may be able to help!

Where to Find Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy

How To Solve The First Henrietta’s Hideaway Puzzle

(1 of 2) Use Incendio on the bowl

Use Incendio on the bowl (left), then use Accio and place it on the tile. (right)

Head to the West Manor Cape Floo Flame and fly southeast until you reach Henrietta’s Hideaway, then go down the stairs which is located beside the Merlin Trial to find the entrance. Once you’re inside, use a Fire Spell, such as "Confringo" iconConfringo on the bowl next to the statue on the left to reveal a second Block. Use "Accio" iconAccio and place the Block with the Fire Symbol on the left tile. Here you’ll want to use Confringo on the left block and "Glacius" iconGlacius on the right block to make the wall disappear and reveal another room.

How To Solve The Second Henrietta’s Hideaway Puzzle

You’ll be greeted by multiple Ashwinder’s that’ll be using different types of Shields which are indicated by the color. Red Shields will require you to use Damage Spells, Purple Shields will require you to use Force Spells and Yellow Spells will require you to use Control Spells. Avoid changing targets otherwise you’ll be constantly fighting multiple enemies, so focus on one until they are dead. Additionally, keep on the lookout for a yellow circle around your head, so you can use "Protego" iconProtego which will allow you to perform "Stupefy" iconStupefy that will temporarily stun them.

Once the room has been cleared head back towards the first room and take the corridor down the right, then when you come across a small brazier just before the corner. Pick it up with Accio and bring it towards the wall until it swallows it up, then continue following the path along to the left to find some Chests. Head up the stairs, use Accio to lift the wooden beam, then break it in off to open the door.

(1 of 2) Shoot the bowl with a Fire Spell to reveal a weight plat, then step on it

Shoot the bowl with a Fire Spell to reveal a weight plat, then step on it (left), Place the Block on the tile and shoot it with a Fire Spell. (right)

Inside the beam room use a Fire Spell on the bowl to the right of the Griffin Statue and step on the weight plate to be taken to the other side. Here you’ll want to shoot the blocks on the right side of the room to reveal another tile with a fire symbol, then grab the block in the corner with Accio and place it on the plat. Shoot it with "Incendio" iconIncendio, then use the weight plate to return to the main room.

Head down the staircase directly opposite you, then take a left to find a Block with an Ice Symbol. Pick it up with Accio, then slot it through the hole in the gate and drop it down onto the tile. Shoot it with Glacius to unlock the room where a Chest is waiting. Return to the stairs and take left to go down some more stairs until you reach another gate.

(1 of 3) Use Accio to pull the block through the gate

You’ll see another block in the distance, so pull through the hole in the gate with Accio, then shoot it with Incendio once it’s on the tile. Collect the Collection Chest, then go back to the main room. Head up the stairs in the back left corner, then follow the path around to the right until you come across another small brazier. Pull it towards the wall with Accio until it swallows it up, then run across to the opposite side where the third puzzle awaits.

How To Solve The Third Henrietta’s Hideaway Puzzle

Once the room is cleared head towards the wall on the right side of the room and it’ll open up, then you’ll find a Fire Block hiding behind some barrels near the staircase. Pick it up with Accio, then take it upstairs and walk through the wall to find yourself back in the main room. Drop the Block somewhere, then use Accio on the other block which is located on the platform on the opposite of the room. In this room, you’ll also find a new side quest item - pick up the Magical Map on the side table to begin the quest Solved by the Bell.

(1 of 4) Head through the wall on the right

Place the block on their respective tiles and shoot them with correct spells and another door will open up. Head down the stairs until you find Rococo the Niffler, then use the Nab-Sack to rescue it. Open the nearby Chest, then step on the weighted plat to return to the first room and exit. Return to Agnes Coffey in Bainburgh to complete the quest.

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