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Hogwarts Legacy

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The Magic Neep Shop In Hogwarts Legacy: Location & Inventory

Craig Robinson

"The Magic Neep" iconThe Magic Neep is a very important shop you should visit in "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade. Not only is it important in your tutorial of Hogwarts, but, you’ll need to appear here a few times if you intend on maxing out your Room of Requirements capabilities. So, here’s everything you need to know about the Magic Neep in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Magic Neep Location in Hogwarts Legacy

This is where you can find !The Magic Neep location in Hogwarts Legacy.

For those unaware, the location of The Magic Neep is a small allotment building in the northwest part of town. You will need to cross a small bridge to reach it. The closest Floo Flame you can venture to this store is the one next to the "J. Pippin's Potions" iconJ. Pippin’s Potions.

You can get your hands on a Field Guide Page in front of the Magic Neep Cart when you arrive.

The Magic Neep Inventory

Below you’ll find a list of all the items that The Magic Neep sells in Hogwarts Legacy. Note, you get the first item for free, during the tutorial when you first visit Hogsmeade.

Fluxweed SeedItem Type Details Galleon.png Cost
Dittany Seeds Seeds Allows you to grow Ditanny Leaves in small pots Free
"Fluxweed Seed" iconFluxweed Seed Seeds Allows you to grow Fluxweed in large pots 350
Knotgrass Seeds Seeds Allows you to grow Knotgrass in small pots 350
Mallowsweet Seeds Seeds Allows you to grow Mallowseet in small pots 200
Shrivelfig Seeds Seeds Allows you to grow Shrivelfig in medium pots 450
"Fertiliser" iconFertiliser Room of Requirement Allows you to apply fertilizer to growers and increase plant yields. 300
"Dittany Leaves" iconDittany Leaves Ingredients A plant material used in making "Wiggenweld Potion" iconWiggenweld Potions. 100
"Fluxweed Stem" iconFluxweed Stem Ingredients A plant material used in making "Focus Potion" iconFocus Potions. 150
"Knotgrass Sprigs" iconKnotgrass Sprigs Ingredients A plant used in creating "Invisibility Potion" iconInvisibility Potions 150
"Mallowsweet Leaves" iconMallowsweet Leaves Ingredients A special type of plant matter which is used to activate certain Merlin Trials around the map. 100
"Shrivelfig Fruit" iconShrivelfig Fruit Ingredients A plant is required to create "Thunderbrew" iconThunderbrew potions. 150

Note that there is a limit to the amount of fertilizer and ingredients you can get at a time. The store only stocks two of each item. Therefore, it is heavily incentivized that players take up herbology and buy the associate spellcraft to make a steady supply of plant ingredients in their Room of Requirement. Players can get the pots they need from the "Tomes and Scrolls" iconTomes and Scrolls store, alongside buying the Composter if you so desire.

You will definitely need to come here and buy the "Fluxweed Seed" iconFluxweed Seeds, thanks to the Garlick assignment two requiring you to grow your own stems.

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