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The final challenge of the Absconder Encounter is defeating the Absconder itself (Who saw that coming?), so knowing how to defeat "The Absconder" iconThe Absconder boss is a challenging one to work out for and Wizard and Witch on any difficulty. Luckily we’ve managed to do it and have the best strategy on how to beat The Absconder boss below.

Don’t let its size and distance fool you,. It can perform multiple pounces at a moments notice.

How To Beat The Absconder Boss

It’s best to go into this fight prepared, so we would recommend Witches and Wizard maxing out their "Wiggenweld Potion" iconWiggenweld Potions and "Thunderbrew" iconThunderbrew count, with the former for healing and the latter for healing damage in close quarters to Absconder and the spiders it spawns. Wizards and Witches will be prompted about the arrival at the Absconder Cave with the protagonist stating “This could be the "Acromantula" iconAcromantula cave Mr Adley mentioned.” This would be a wise time to save the game and ensure all essential spells are under the DualSense-R2-Filled R2/ Xbox-TriggerRight-Filled RT mapping. We decided to use the following Spells for the upcoming boss fight:

Spell How To Use It
"Incendio" iconIncendio Use to crowd control spider spawns throughout the fight
"Confringo" iconConfringo Long-range damage to Absconder
"Arresto Momentum" iconArresto Momentum To slow down Absconder at long-range to expend combos and heal
"Diffindo" iconDiffindo Long-range damage to Absconder

(1 of 3) Make use of the boulders scattered around the central nest of the Absconder Cave.

The fight begins as soon as Wizards and Witches enter Absconder’s Cave, so make sure to save before hand. There’s four or five boulders that can be thrown at the Absconder, with two being in-range straight away. The best start to the fight is to do the following:

  • Shoot both boulders
  • Deal three standard attacks
  • Use "Arresto Momentum" iconArresto Momentum to slow down The Absconder
  • Use three standard attacks
  • Follow up with "Confringo" iconConfringo and three more standard attacks
  • use DualSense-ButtonCircle-Filled Circle or Xbox-ButtonB-Filled B to dodge three times.

This should knock a good chunk of health off the Absconder and build up a good stock of Ancient Power. The main two things to remember in The Absconder boss fight is to keep an eye on health and to doge everything, no parries. Normally we would advise using "Stupefy" iconStupefy, and it can come in handy even at long distances, but the risk of defeat is too high. When defending and using Stupefy against "Thornback Scurriour" iconThornback Scurriours for example, The Absconder can jump across the cave to land a one hit knock out. It’s much saver to continuously dodge in these situations to avoid damage, attacking and building combos when possible.

When surrounded by Thornback Scurriours and the like, used the mastered "Incendio" iconIncendio Spell to incinerate multiple enemies then pick them off quickly with standard attacks. Waiting for the right moment to use "Ancient Magic" iconAncient Magic is key in The Absconder boss fight too, as this can easily switch to a lesser enemy if they draw near at the time of execution. Use the aforementioned crowd clearing technique to deal with others and making sure the only thing Ancient Power is going to hit is The Absconder.

This boss fight is a rinse and repeat affair. Chain combos whilst prioritizing fire attacks, dodge and heal when needed and use Ancient Power when there’s a clear hit in sight. It took us a few tries, but this is the best way to defeat The Absconder boss and complete the Absconder Encounter side quest.

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