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Learning how to Lock Pick using "Alohomora" iconAlohomora in Hogwarts Legacy will come in very handy for Wizards as they explore the grounds of Hogwarts and more. In true Metroidvania style, some doors, chests and the like are locked until Wizards can use the Alohomora spell that has been used various times by Potter and other characters in the books and films. The real trick here is learening hwo to execute the mini game that comes with it, so let’s leaarn how to lock pick using Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy:

How To Lock Pick Using Alohomora In Hogwarts Legacy

Once Wizards have the Alohomora spell they’ll be able to go up to previously locked doors and chests to activate the Lock Pick minigame in Hogwarts Legacy. The problem is it looks a lot more complicated than it is, but don’t worry as we’ve got step by step instructions to get Wizards though and on with their various quests.

Learning how to Lockpick using Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy brings players to this confusing puzzle. But don’t worry, were know what to do!

Wizards will have a green and red spark on-screen as pictured below. These need to go into one of the slots on their respective colored wheels, with the linked red gears in the center and green gears on the bottom-right. Each spark is assigned to a DualSense-Stick-L-Filled DualSense-Stick-R-Filled thumb stick, so Wizards simply need to slot a Spark into the corresponding wheel by moving the appropriate thumbstick outwards. Don’t jump the gun just yet, learning how to lock pick using Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy isn’t that simple.

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(1 of 2) Sparks have been locked into place by Wizards keeping their thumbstick in an outwards position. the wheels can now be turned to find the right configuration to activate the cogs.

After guiding the relevant spark into a slot, keep the Thumbstick in the outwards position and begin to rotate it around until the corresponding inner gears begin to turn. Repeat this process with the second spark whilst keeping the correct positioning of the previous gear. Once both gears are turning, the lock pick has been completed and will release the bolt on the left. Remember to keep the correct thumbstick positioning until the lock has completely unlocked.

How To Get Alohomora

We would say that learning how to lock pick using Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy is very similar to the Batman Arkham and Marvel’s Spider-Man radio frequency mini games, just remember to maintain that thumbstick position once the gears start turning. Wizards can unlock the Alohomora spell by unlocking the quest “Prepare For Your Search For The Final Keeper”.

This will require Wizards and Witches to find out what the School caretaker, Gladwin Moon, is really up to in the staff tower. After speaking to Moon, this will unlock another quest called “The Caretakers Lunar Lament”. Progressing through this mission will provide Wizards and Witches with the Alohomora spell. At first, this will only allow the unlocking of level one doors, but can be upgraded by two further levels to unlock level 2 and 3 locks also.

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