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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Colony Eta Ferronis Boss Fight

Jarrod Garripoli

You will face numerous bosses and enemies during the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC, called Future Redeemed. At the end of Chapter 2, you will do battle with the Colony Eta Ferronis, where you will score a new party member in the fight. This page will give details on how to vanquish this large foe.

Colony Eta Ferronis is the first boss that will likely give you trouble in the DLC

How to Beat the Colony Eta Ferronis

Name Level Type
Colony Eta Ferronis 18 Machine_Enemies_Icons_Map_Xenoblade_3.png

One of the first things you will want to make sure of is that you’re around level 18 or so, as this should make things a little more manageable. If you’ve been doing the Affinity Points stuff thus far and spending them on your characters, then that’s even better. You will have Matthew, A, and Nikol for this fight, plus Shulk will also be joining you. That means you’ll have two Defenders, one Healer, and one Attacker. It’s important to note that unlike the main game, the characters are stuck in their roles, so you won’t have the advantage of switching classes or anything, should you lose.

You’re up against one single enemy, but as you would expect, the Ferronis is no pushover, and it’ll have a lot of health. To begin, let’s take a look at some of its moves:

(1 of 2) Breakdown Shot hits one target for a large amount of damage

Breakdown Shot hits one target for a large amount of damage (left), Dual Crash has a chance to inflict Topple to everyone it hits (right)

  • Breakdown Shot: The Ferronis will fire multiple shots at a single character. If this is a non-Defender character, they could be one-move KO’d.

  • Dual Crash: The Ferronis will raise both of its arms up, then crash them on the ground, hitting the entire party. This attack has a chance to instantly inflict Topple.

  • Banish From Sight: The Ferronis uses its one arm to do a sweeping attack across the battlefield, hitting all party members.

  • Pulse Laser: This attack doesn’t seem to go into the rotation until the second half of the battle, after you bring its health below 50%. The Ferronis will begin charging a laser, then shoot it and sweep it across the battlefield, hitting the entire party.

(1 of 2) Banish From Sight will hit your entire party for moderate damage

Banish From Sight will hit your entire party for moderate damage (left), as will Pulse Laser, but this attack only occurs in the second half of the fight (right)

Colony Eta Ferronis is probably the first boss that will put up a challenge, since three of its four attacks can hit your entire party and its single-target attack can deal big damage. It also doesn’t help that you don’t have a full party yet, and you get a new character that you are used to yet, either.

The Ferronis’ normal attack seems to do around 150-200 damage to a character, so you have a good gauge of where things go, in terms of the other attacks. Breakdown Shot will do a little less damage than the normal attack, although it depends on who is getting hit, while the other two attacks are definitely stronger than the normal one. As mentioned at the beginning, you will have Shulk joining your three-persons party here, so you will have two Defenders, one Healer, and one Attacker.

You will want to make sure that your characters are close enough together, since you want A’s healing ring to get everyone, as you will be dealing with three attacks that will hit everyone. If you forgot how to switch characters during battle, hold down the ZR button, then press L or R to switch characters. It is important, too, as it’s likely that Shulk and Nikol will be switching aggro with one another in this battle. Also, due to the Ferronis being pretty big, your positional attacks from the side and back are going to be pretty useless.

(1 of 2) Switch characters to keep your party together for the healing circle

Switch characters to keep your party together for the healing circle (left), You want to make sure you get the Unity Order for the finale of the Chain Attack (right)

During this battle, you will unlock the use of Chain Attacks, which if you remember from the base game, can be very powerful. Some changes from the base game include that Unity Attacks take the place of the Ourosboros Arts, but the mechanics still stay the same in how to pull them off in the Chain Attack. Since you only have four characters right now, the Chain Attack will be a little rough to do, but the idea is to just get the two Orders that will trigger a Unity Attack at the end (in this instance, Matthew and A). So, if you get those two, you will get another round in the Chain Attack to deal more damage.

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