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Scant Supplies

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for the Scant Supplies Standard Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start the Scant Supplies Standard Quest

Naturally, before even starting this, you need to have Colony Iota unlocked, which is done via the Hero Quest, Her Reasons. You might also need to do the other quests in Colony Iota in order to unlock this one, although Enemies and Allies is definitely needed. That quest rewarded you with Colony Iota Goods, which you could hand out to other colonies via the Collectopaedia Card system. You will need to actually dole out the Colony Iota Goods in order to begin the process of unlocking this quest.

(1 of 4) Fulfill the Collectopaedia Cards that ask for the Colony Iota Goods

Specifically, you need to hand out the Colony Iota Goods until you can’t complete any more Collectopaedia Cards that has those as their items. Once you have done this, head on over to Colony Iota and look for two bits of Info from the NPCs there. After getting both, you will have the whole Goods in Storage Info that you can discuss at the rest spot/canteen. Doing this will officially start the quest.

How to Complete the Scant Supplies Standard Quest

Since Chelle controls the supplies and storehouse, Alexandria says to go talk to her about the supply issue. If you forgot, she will be in Torus Hollow, at the very bottom, and you should have the Hidden Stash landmark to fast travel right to it, without having to go all the way through the cave again. Chelle has already planned for the shortage and has sent out teams to retrieve some supplies. However, two of the units seem to have gotten stuck, thanks to a migrating Scorpox problem. It’s important that the game mentions to choose one of the two teams, but we were able to do both. If you are only able to do one, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose, though.

Helping Thorbin’s Team

You can get Tripleg Joints at Old Kana Battlefield

Thorbin’s team will be in Ribbi Flats, just north of the Llyn Nyddwr Camp. Upon making contact with him, you find out that his team managed to defeat the Scorpoxes, but their Levnis is in need of a few things to repair it. He needs five Trippleg Joints in order to fix the Levnis, which you might already have in your inventory. If not, head to the Old Kana Battlefield landmark and search there for them; they are pretty common here, so you shouldn’t have any trouble gathering the five needed. Hand them over to Thorbin once you have the items.

Helping Cozalie’s Team

Cozalie’s Team is located in the Dannagh Desert, towards the northern side, with the closest landmark probably being Zorza’s Stonehammer. Upon arriving at the spot, you will see that her team is being attacked by some Scorpoxes. There will be five of them, all at level 49, so you should be around that level to make it easier on yourself. Make sure you issue the tactic to concentrate on a single enemy at a time, so you don’t get overwhelmed, since it is always easy for that to happen in multi-enemy battles. Defeat them all and you’ll be done with this part.

(1 of 2) You will be forced to fight five enemies at one time

You will be forced to fight five enemies at one time (left), Make sure you tell your party members to focus on a single enemy at a time (right)

After helping out both teams, report back to Chelle in Torus Hollow to complete the mission.

EXP Gold SP Rewards
2840 2880 3 Colony Iota Goods x15


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