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Romero and Joulietta

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for the Romero and Joulietta Standard Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start the Romero and Joulietta Standard Quest

Climb the ladders in this corner to reach the ? that starts this quest

You will be unable to obtain this quest until you have access to the Erythia Sea section of the Cadensia Region. Once you do, head to the City and go to the northeastern corner, where you should find a ladder. Climb it, then go up the second ladder just to the east of that one on the map. This will allow you to reach the upper area where the ? is located. Note that if you’ve explored the City enough to unlock the Mitia Lookout landmark, then you can fast travel to that and just go south from it to reach the ? marker.

How to Complete the Romero and Joulietta Standard Quest

Romero has promised Joulietta’s hand in marriage and in order to do that, he needs a Jeweled Pebble. Unfortunately, it is only found at one place, the Lavi Sandbar in the Erythia Sea. Lavi Sandbar is located on the northern side of the Erythia Sea, north of Thurbin Island, which is north of Daedal Island (the really big island near the center of the area).

Make your way to that island and disembark from your boat. Get onto the shore and head to the marker, making sure to be extra careful of the level 60 or so Arachnos that will pop out of the sand not too far from the marker. As you finally reach the Jeweled Pebble, a different monster will pop up and attack Romero. Naturally, your party will be fighting this monster, a level 47 Lavi Pagul. Since it’s one of those hermit crab-type enemies, it can use its shell to block your attacks for a short period of time. As long as you’re around the same level as the enemy, you should be fine.

(1 of 2) Be mindful of the level 60ish Arachnos on the same island where you will be going

Be mindful of the level 60ish Arachnos on the same island where you will be going (left), The enemy you have to fight isn't that much more challenging than a normal one (right)

Once the monster has been defeated, you will retrieve the Jeweled Pebble and hand it over to Romero. He says he will meet with his beloved at the Michiba Canteen in the City, so return there for some scenes, then the end of the quest.

EXP Gold SP Rewards
2840 2880 3


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