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Finite Time

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for the Finite Time Standard Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start Finite Time Standard Quest

To begin this quest, progress through the game until you reach the Fornis Region portion. At some point, your next goal is to venture south, to the Ribbi Flats area of the region. Upon reaching the Zem’s Crossway landmark, you should see a path leading to the west. Not only will this net you the Dies Arch landmark, but a scene will take place at the mark there. This will involve a battle that should be doable at level 24-25 or so. After the battle is over, you will be introduced to the commander of Colony Iota, as well as her subordinates. Note that this little incident doesn’t actually put the Hero Quest in your log.

(1 of 2) The location where you start the Finite Time quest on the map

The location where you start the Finite Time quest on the map (left), Just approach this supply drop to begin it (right)

Also, the area past that encounter, as well as the Hero Quest itself will be around level 40, so it’s best to come back later, when you’re at an appropriate level. For the rest of the quest surrounding Alexandria, visit the Her Reasons Hero Quest page. Completing this will allow you to liberate Colony Iota, although the quest won’t actually appear inside the colony. The quest will actually appear in the Tepnos Heights area of the map, which is in the higher area just south of the Dies Arch landmark. For a precise location for the starting point of this quest, visit this Map Marker here. Note that if this doesn’t appear straight away, then change regions (i.e. go to Aetia and come back) first. If you get a notice to look at a supply box dropping in that specific spot, then that will be the quest.

How to Complete the Finite Time Standard Quest

Upon finally reaching the Supply Drop with the Colony Iota members, you will find out about their information network and how good it is. They can even forecast where supply drops are going to fall, which is what this quest will entail. Note that you have a choice in what to pick during the initial conversation, but what you choose doesn’t really matter (Having fun is the correct option, though, just in case). Two supply drops will fall and your goal is to just get one of them. The choice here also doesn’t matter, as whenever you collect the supply drop, you will be told to report back to Fili at Colony Iota.

Where to Find the Three Heroes Peak Supply Drop

The location of the supply drop in Three Heroes Peak

The supply drop at Three Heroes Peak is closer than the other, but it is the more dangerous of the two. It is located to the south-southeast of Colony Iota and you will actually have to embark from the colony, since it’s at a higher elevation and that’s the only way to reach it. When you find it (it’s at the bottom corner of the Three Heroes Peak area), you will notice some Arachnos huddling around it. These are level 41-42, so if you are the appropriate level, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble with them. Note that they are all linked, so you won’t be able to just lure one over and will need to fight all three at once.

Where to Find the Namba Mound Supply Drop

The location of the supply drop near Namba Mound Camp

The other option you can pick has the supply drop in the Namba Mound area of the Dannagh Desert section. If you’ve explored the Dannagh Desert and have the Namba Mound Camp rest spot, then that is where you need to fast travel to if you are going with this option. The supply drop will pretty much be due straight east from there, but make sure you don’t accidentally run into any of the Eclipse Marrin enemies flying around in the vicinity. While this drop is a little more out of the way, there are no enemies next to it, so you are free to just run up to the case and open it to get the goodies inside.

Once you have grabbed the supplies from either drop, head back to Colony Iota and speak to Fili to complete the quest.

EXP Gold SP Rewards
940 1,210 3


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