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The Wildwood Life

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for The Wildwood Life Standard Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start The Wildwood Life Standard Quest

In order to begin this quest, you will have to find the Low Maktha Wildwood area. To get there, start at the Sparkling Pool Cave rest spot and look for the path to the east of it. This path will be a wooden walkway along the edge of a cliff, so follow it until you eventually pass over to Low Maktha Wildwood. The catch about this is this area has level 70+ enemies, so it’s naturally not supposed to be explored at the time you can first get there. However, it is very possible to reach this quest without aggroing a single monster down there.

(1 of 2) Low Maktha Wildwood is filled with level 70+ monsters

Low Maktha Wildwood is filled with level 70+ monsters (left), There will be a Gogol patrolling near the ladder you need to climb (right)

There is one thing you need to watch out for in the Low Maktha Wildwood, which are the purple pools of liquid. These are poison pools and standing in them will cause you to take damage over time. They won’t kill you straight away (that’s what the level 70+ monsters are there for), but you might be “coerced” into going into the toxic pools because of enemy placements. Once you reach Low Maktha Wildwood, follow the safe trail until you reach the Elite Yolmun Drague at a fork. Continue southwest, past the pool with the Spartan Fennick Unique Enemy, until you eventually go up a small hill and see some Baelfael Gogols.

You should notice some wooden platforms here, which is where you will be going, but one of the Gogols will be patrolling near the ladder that leads up to it. You can try to quickly get to the ladder, since you are invincible on them and all aggro is removed as soon as you grab onto one. Whether you sneak by the Gogol or not, climb the ladder and go up to the top to uncover Gingin’s Treehouse, and Gingin himself. Speak to Gingin to begin this quest.

How to Complete The Wildwood Life Standard Quest

Thankfully, you can do this quest as soon as you are able to, provided you can sneak by all of the higher level enemies. Upon talking to Gingin, he will decide to take a stroll around the area and you will need to follow his tracks. To make things even better, the game will actually despawn some of the monsters that were previously in the way, like the Gogol at the bottom of the ladder and the Drague from earlier. You will still need to be extra careful here and there, due to other roaming enemies. When you run into Gingin, you will have to reactivate the tracks, then follow them to the next spot. They will eventually bring you back to the ladder leading to his treehouse, where the quest will end.

(1 of 3) Gingin's tracks are small and can be tough to see at times

Note that the one Gogol will respawn after finishing the quest, so it has a high chance of immediately aggroing you. That means you should quickly grab onto the ladder to get rid of this aggro.

EXP Gold SP Rewards
4340 1250 3 Nopon Coin (Silver) x7


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