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Ascension Quest: From Atop Her Throne

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for the “From Atop Her Throne” Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to starting the Quest and upgrading Melia’s Class, Royal Summoner.

How to start the “From Atop Her Throne” Quest

Like other Heroes, you need to have the class inheritor (Noah) reach Rank 10 in Melia’s Royal Summoner class. If you have spare Silver Nopon Coins, this is a good opportunity to use them, although keep in mind there’s one more postgame Hero class.

(1 of 2) Head to the Throne Room at Keves Castle, on the 4th floor.

Head to the Throne Room at Keves Castle, on the 4th floor. (left), Remember that Melia must be in your battle party. (right)

Once you’ve reached Rank 10, add Melia in your party if you haven’t done so already, then visit the Throne Room on the 4th floor of Keves Castle. You can fast-travel to the Upper Water Supply rest spot, then proceed east through the repaired ventilation opening.

This will trigger a cutscene and begin Melia’s Ascension Quest.

How to Complete the “From Atop Her Throne” Quest

Melia’s aide will give her three pressing tasks to complete, manifesting as three separate quests. This will be one of the busier Ascension Quests, although it compensates for her Hero Quest being non-existant.

How to Complete the “Colony 9’s Backup” Quest

(1 of 2) Colony 9 is in another tight spot.

Colony 9 is in another tight spot. (left), After discussing with Zeon, head for the incident site near the Alfeto Valley entrance. (right)

To sort out Colony 9’s troubles, head for one of the medical bays near the Colony 9 Canteen, underneath the colony’s Ferronis. You’ll find Zeon tending to a group of soldiers wounded from a landslide.

Next, quickly make your way to the incident site south-east from the Alfeto Valley Mouth landmark. When you get near it, there will be a very brief cutscene. Now go around and interact with the three survivors, who appear as blue quest markers on the mini-map.

Once you’ve taken care of all three, return to the medical bay at Colony 9 to complete this quest.

Quest Rewards for “Colony 9’s Backup”

EXP Gold SP Rewards
14230 4170 3 None

How to Complete the “Friction With Agnus” Quest

(1 of 2) The relationship between Keves and Agnus has gotten strained again.

The relationship between Keves and Agnus has gotten strained again. (left), This is the only quest that involves fighting. (right)

Meanwhile, to deal with the Agnian situation, head to the Ascension Grounds at Agnus Castle. Towards the south, overlooking Erythia Sea, is a familiar figure. After a lengthy discussion, your next destination is Hovering Reef 6 at the Keves Castle Region. There aren’t any nearby landmarks, so you’ll have to come from Penshia Portal or something.

Upon arriving at the north-east end of the reef, the party will spot Auto-Levs deployed by the rogue Agnian troops. Engage them or run past them; either way, your goal is the cavern by the west side of the reef. Inside, you’ll fight a group of seven Level 79-80 enemies, led by an Ag. Skirmisher Elite. Shouldn’t be too challenging after the final boss fight.

Succeed in disarming the foes and the quest will end.

Quest Rewards for “Friction With Agnus”

EXP Gold SP Rewards
9110 8340 3 None

How to Complete the “The City Pep Talk” Quest

(1 of 2) Even the City could use some help.

Even the City could use some help. (left), Take the Queen to Centrilo Parade where her fans are said to be. (right)

Lastly, to assist the City, travel to the War Room where Monica and Travis are usually stationed. They’ll suggest visiting Centrilo Parade to gather ideas; you can fast-travel to Serene Square and go east. Next, go to Mitia Lookout, at the northernmost part of the City.

That’s all!

Quest Rewards for “The City Pep Talk”

EXP Gold SP Rewards
9110 4170 3 Belemnite Bangle

Return to the Throne Room

(1 of 2) Thus ends Melia's Ascension Quest.

Thus ends Melia's Ascension Quest. (left), Rank 20 will be unlocked for the Royal Summoner class. (right)

Upon completing all three of the above quests, head back to the Throne Room at Keves Castle to report your good deeds for the day. This will conclude Melia’s Ascension Quest, unlocking Rank 20 for the Royal Summoner class.

Quest Rewards for “From Atop Her Throne”

EXP Gold SP Rewards
11380 8340 10 None


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