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How to Climb Walls in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to climb walls in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

As early as Millick Meadows, you may find certain vine-covered walls that you cannot climb up. At least not yet. To climb these walls, you will need to the Wall Climbing skill, gotten by recruiting Valdi.

How to Recruit Valdi

(1 of 2) You will receive this Hero Quest as part of the main story.

You will receive this Hero Quest as part of the main story. (left), The quest culminates in a pretty tricky boss fight. (right)

Valdi is a Hero encountered during a mandatory Hero Quest near the start of Chapter 3. When you reach the endpoint of Ribbi Flats, near Elsie’s Sprout, you’ll be unable to continue since you must climb a vine-covered wall. However, at this point, you will trigger Valdi’s Kind Right Hand quest.

First, you’ll need to bash in Valdi to knock some sense into the lad. Afterwards, Valdi will give up pretty easily, but then realize he’s in a pickle. Despite being enemies moments earlier, Noah and friends grudgingly decide to help Valdi. Your goal is to check out three locations in the Ribbi Flats:

  • Directly north of your current location, in Caitlin Drum.
  • Directly west of your current location, in Laprel Knoll.
  • Direct east of your current location, in Terra Wastelands.

Once you’ve been to all three locations with Valdi, return to where you fought him, at Elsie’s Sprout. He’ll conjure something up to help him return to Colony 30. Just when things seem hunky dory, a Consul will come to take Valdi back to Colony 30. Probably not a good idea to leave those two together…

Follow the Mini-Levnis that Valdi created towards Colony 30. It’s a pretty straightforward journey through Caitlin Drum, then Grun Slope. When you arrive at the colony, the Consul will hijack Valdi’s incomplete Levnis and a battle will ensue. Win and Valdi will lend you his aid, while teaching you the Wall Climbing skill.

How to use the Wall Climbing skill

(1 of 3) Recruiting Valdi has other benefits.

When you have the Wall Climbing skill, you can climb applicable walls just like a normal ladder. There will be a climbing axe icon on the mini-map that shows which walls can be climbed.

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