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Big Friendly Friend

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete the standard quest, Big Friendly Fiend in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start Big Friendly Friend

This quest can be obtained by first overhearing info about Yuzet and then discussing it at the rest spot in Colony 30 Canteen. Following the discussion, you’ll need to talk to Yuzet, who can be found in the Colony 30 Maintenance Bay landmark in Colony 30. You’ll need to have first liberated Colony 30 and unlocked Valdi as a party member before being able to speak to Yuzet. From there, you’ll then have to give over specified materials to a nopon called Repapa, who’s found nearby Yuzet.

Start Big Friendly Friend by speaking to Yuzet.

How to Complete a Big Friendly Fiend

Below, you’ll find information on each of the different builds you can provide materials for to complete this quest. There’s a progress bar atop the page and this gets filled by completing material lists. The different builds give different % progress completion and surprisingly, you can actually complete the same builds multiple times to fill the progress bar!

In fact, it’s definitely advised that you focus your efforts on the easily collectible materials over those that’d be found in harder to reach places. For example, the Stinger Jagplate and the Splendor Stinger are both easy to complete. Stinger Piles, which are required for both, can be found in the immediate area outside Colony 30 and you can continue to fast travel to force materials to respawn. It’d be advised you go for x2 Stinger Jagplate builds (2x10% progress completion) and x2 Splendor Stinger (2x40%) to fill the bar.

Stinger Piles can be found really easily!

Splendorshell are rare but pretty easy to find if you scout out the river in Millick Field in the Aetia region. You’ll be able to get x4 reasonably quickly.

Then for the Stinger Jagplate build, you can find Jagron Fossils commonly near Magglia Lake and the surrounding area. Plate Pathos can be found quite easily around the Aetia region, specifically south of Colony 9 and along the river in Millick Meadows!

Splendorshell and Plate Pathos can be found along the river in Millick Meadows.

Once you’ve reached 100% progress bar completion, you’ll finish up this specific quest. However, you’ll still have to fill out material lists for Repapa to continue building things for Valdi and the colony!

For this quest, however, you’ll earn the following:

EXP Gold SP Rewards
870 CurrencyGoldIconsMapXenoblade3.png 1060G 3 SP None

You’ll also increase your Colony 30 Affinity for completing this quest!

Stinger Jagplate - 10% Progress Completion

Item Obtained from:
Stinger Pile x4 Found outside Colony 30, Fornis Region
Jagron Fossil x2 Found in and around Magglia Lake, Fornis Region
Plate Pothos x4 Found along the river in Millick Meadows

Everleech Levnite

Item Obtained from:
Ever-Revolfin x5 Coming Soon!
Leech Agaric x1 Coming Soon!
Levnite x1 Coming Soon!

Pointed Lycithyst

Item Obtained from:
Lucifurnace x3 Coming Soon!
Pointed Obsidian x4 Found outside Colony 30, Fornis Region
Flammethyst x2 Coming Soon!

Splendor Stinger - 40% Progress Completion

Item Obtained from:
Splendorshell x2 Found near Luca’s Elyot, Aetia Region
Stinger Pile x7 Found outside Colony 30, Fornis Region

Limber Deorip Jasper

Item Obtained from:
Deodorugula x2 Found near Kilmarris Highland
Ripple Peridot x4 Found near Gorge of Odie, Fornis Region
Limber Lady x1 Found near Conqueror’s Peak
Jasper Coriander x3 Coming Soon!

Emetic Microplug

Item Obtained from:
Emetater x4 Coming Soon!
Micropuff x2 Around Millick Meadows, Aetia Region
Glowplug x3 Found near Gura Flava Lowlands

Lacquer Onyx

Item Obtained from:
Lacquerwood x3 Near river in Millick Meadows
Steady Onyx x5 Coming Soon!

Bloodmuth Purpsickle

Item Obtained from:
Bloody Doomcap x1 Coming Soon!
Bismuth Slab x3 Found near Great Idalla Ravine, Fornis Region
Purple-Ring Pine x3 South of Colony 9
Sickle Cricket Fossil x2 Coming Soon!


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