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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

All Soulhacker Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Matt Chard

The Soulhacker is a class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This class is unique as it can switch its role between (Attacker/Defender/Healer) within the character menu at any time. This class gains its arsenal by defeating “Unique” enemies scattered throughout the world of Aionis. There are 65 Arts in total to find, and this page will help you find every single one of them.

You can find what Arts you’ve acquired by going to the Heroes menu, and accessing the Soul Hack List by pressing Y.

All Soulhacker Physical Arts

All Soulhacker Ether Arts

All Soulhacker Buffs, Debuffs, and Stances

Level Icon Name Description Enemy
13 Buff_Icons_XB3.png Butterfly Dust Defense Up (AoE around user). Perturbed Bilkin
25 Buff_Icons_XB3.png Hypno-Light Inflicts Accuracy Down upon landing hit. Heretical Saurow
44 Buff_Icons_XB3.png Hypnotism Single-target Bind. Profound Hodzuki
50 Buff_Icons_XB3.png Battle Pheromone Attack Up (AoE around user). Gracious Titania
57 Buff_Icons_XB3.png Shell Guard Reduces damage taken by 25% and damage dealt by 25%. Hardshelled Admory
69 Buff_Icons_XB3.png Evasive Posture Boosts Evasion by 15% but reduces damage dealt by 25%. Dishonest Karom
102 Buff_Icons_XB3.png Desperate Charge Grants Critical Hit Plus on Art execution. King Krawkin

All Soulhacker Healing Arts, Clear Debuffs, and Set Fields

Level Icon Name Description Enemy
61 Healing_Icons_XB3.png Healing Rest AoE Heal around user. Timbercorn Cthinos
66 Healing_Icons_XB3.png Dragon Decree AoE Clear Debuffs around user. Also grants Power Charge. Hardscale Gouran
96 Set_Field_Icons_XB3.png Life Plant AoE Clear Debuffs around user. Also grants Power Charge. Gorgeous Mandora
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