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All Soulhacker Skills in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Matt Chard

The Soulhacker is a class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This class is unique as it can switch its role between (Attacker/Defender/Healer) within the character menu at any time. This class gains its arsenal by defeating “Unique” enemies scattered throughout the world of Aionis. There are 79 Skills in total to find, and this page will help you find every single one of them.

You can access the Skills menu by going to Heroes > Soul Hack List (Y) > Skills (R).

All Soulhacker Attack Skills

All these skills are grouped up as skills that’ll increase your damage output. Best used on Attacker Roles.

All Soulhacker Defender Skills

All these skills are grouped up as skills that’ll help you reduce damage taken or increase your aggro output. Best used on Defender roles.

All Soulhacker Healing Skills

All these skills are grouped up as skills that’ll help you increase your healing output, and reduce aggro. Best used on Healer roles.

All Soulhacker Support Skills

All these skills are grouped up as skills that assist you or the party with buffs. This includes any debuff on an enemy which benefits the party in other ways. Good for any role.

Level Icon Name Description Enemy
42 RechargeIconsXB3.png Action Reaction Boosts all Arts recharge by 30% when hit by a combo reaction Vengeful Dominator
56 DefenseBoostIconsXB3.png Grace of the Land Reduces damage taken by allies in a fixed radius by 20%. Spiralhorn Baccro
57 AwakeningIconsXB3.png Sense of Danger 75% chance to grant 4 random buff(s) when an ally is incapacitated. Stonehoof Torphan
63 EvasionIconsXB3.png Deeply Tactical At start of Chain Attack, increases TP by 5. Talkative Dirakha
65 RechargeIconsXB3.png One with the Land Boosts recharge speed by 20% when on land. Miraging Yuri
65 TimeIconsXB3.png Debuff Counter Shortens duration of debuffs on self by 30%. Darkening Asha
66 RechargeIconsXB3.png Breath of an Era Boosts recharge speed by 20% when in the water. Fairscale Marina
66 Recharge2IconsXB3.png Recharge Cheer 10% chance to keep recharge when using Art. Cruelfist Rojou
76 TimeIconsXB3.png Royal Charisma Extends duration of Break, Topple, Launch, Daze whenever Art hits. Heroic Gulkin
79 AwakeningIconsXB3.png Strength Support Boosts power of buff effects issued by self by 25%. Killhappy Brijaidor
86 ResistIconsXB3.png Wild Tendencies Grants 30% resistance to all debuffs. Desired Oruria


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