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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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So Much More to See

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for the So Much More to See Standard Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start the So Much More to See Standard Quest

This quest will begin right after finishing The Big, Unseen Monster

This quest is the final one in the Dorin and Bambam line of quests, thus you will need to make sure you have finished all of the other quests. Actually, you will automatically start this quest at the end of The Big, Unseen Monster, so it’s impossible to miss if you completed that one.

How to Complete the So Much More to See Standard Quest

Something seems to be off with Bambam, as he collapsed, so Dorin suggests bringing him to Colony 4 to be examined by Oleshandra. Head there and approach Oleshandra for a scene, where you find out about Bambam’s condition. She mentions that the Sage Shroom can help Bambam, which grows on the Hovering Reef 1. This is located in the Keves Castle Region, in the Syra Hovering Reefs area. Unless you defeated the one Unique Enemy there, Ambusher Tirion, you will have to fast travel to another island ion order to reach Hovering Reef 1. Thankfully, the Hovering Reef 2 Camp will do, with the zip-line on the eastern side of the island taking you straight to your destination.

The Vollgull will make sure you won't get away with the Sage Shroom

Being mindful of the Keves troops here, since they will still aggro even when outleveling them by a good bit. Climb the vine to reach the upper area, then go to the southern tip for a scene. While Dorin and the party talk about the Sage Shroom, a large monster flies down and attacks the party, sparking a battle. You will be facing a level 58 Invaiss Vollgull, so you should be around the same level as it to make sure you won’t have too much trouble. Both Blast Cannon and Hyperion Blaze can inflict Blaze, while Raptor Catch will inflict Smash on whomever it hits. The latter can be dangerous, as Smash is extremely powerful in this game.

Hyperion Blaze is AoE, but the other attacks are both single target, so it’s not too worrisome in the long run. Raptor Catch is definitely a problem, though, as it will probably instantly KO whomever it hits, because of the Smash it does. You shouldn’t have too much trouble, though, as the damage outside of that doesn’t seem to be too significant.

You will receive the Sage Shroom after the battle, so return to Colony 4 with it for a scene and the end of the quest.

EXP Gold SP Rewards
5980 1360 3 Nopon Coin (Silver) x8
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