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Boss Fight: Princess Arachno

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Princess Arachno boss fight found in Riku and Manana’s Hero Quest, A Nopon Counsel in Chapter 3 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Princess Arachno is a boss in Riku & Manana's Hero Quest.

How to Beat Princess Arachno

Name Level Type
Princess Arachno 26 TerrestialLifeEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png

This gargantuan spider stands in the way of Riku’s precious, and he and Manana will join the fray finally (as a single unit) to help in this battle. Riku & Manana are an Attacker Role that focuses on debuffing the enemies with useful Arts such as a Blaze Field and multiple methods of affecting Combos.

As for the battle itself, it can get quite hectic as you should expect to be always dealing with the smaller Arachnos that the Princess Arachno will call out constantly throughout the battle. With that in mind, cull their numbers somewhat, but don’t get too bogged down focusing on them as the Princess Arachno will always summon more. Leaving a single Savant Arachno alive is a happy compromise.

The Princess Arachno herself only has a few Arts available to her, this is more of a mob battle, but you can learn more about what she has available to her below:

  • Battle Pheromone: The Princess Arachno will summon more Savant Arachnos to join the battle, up to a total of four possible Arachnos (on top of her).
  • Queen Bite: The Princess Arachno will lunge forwards and bite a single target, dealing moderate damage and inflict Shackle Blocking, preventing the target from performing Blocks for a time.
  • Cocoon: The Princess Arachno will go into a defensive state, increasing her resistances and preventing you from dealing damage.

The Princess Arachno will spend most of the battle using Battle Pheromone to call in more Savant Arachnos. Outside of this Queen Bite is a slight nuisance, but easily dealt with by having more than one Tank in the battle.

Cocoon, on the other hand, will prevent you from even dealing damage to the Princess Arachno so instead, change your target and focusing on culling some of the other Arachnos until the Princess Arachno comes out of her Cocoon. Riku & Manana proves to be incredibly useful for this battle, they will make use of Roasty-Toasty to place down a medium sized Blaze field, inflicting Blaze on any enemies that stand in there. The fact that the battlefield isn’t the largest area here and all of the additional enemies that it can summon, they’ll be dealing constant damage to everything.

(1 of 2) The Full Metal Jaguar's AoE capabilities are useful for this battle

The Full Metal Jaguar's AoE capabilities are useful for this battle (left), stop attacking Princess Arachno when it uses Cocoon and fight the smaller ones. (right)

The Princess Arachno seems to have less HP than some of the more recent bosses you’ve defeated, and with her rather limited Art list, this is a battle that shouldn’t cause too many issues so long as you have a way of dealing with the smaller Arachnos. It can be helpful to have a Full Metal Jaguar or two if you’ve completed Gray’s Hero Quest as it deals excellent AoE damage. You may wish to use your Chain Attacks as they become available, if you’re on Normal and have gotten used to how they work by now, you can easily wipe out more than half of the Princess Arachno’s HP in one attack provided you get maximum rounds.


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