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Severed Connection

Shane Williams

This is a guide for the “Severed Connection” standard quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to defeating the Mysterious Raiders.

Approach the soldier near the checkpoint to begin this quest.

A Squad secretly dispatched to other colonies was attacked by parties unknown and wiped out. Search the site of the attack to find out who did it.

How to Start the Severed Connection Standard Quest

Progress through the game until you reach Chapter 3 and work your way through the Eagnus Wilderness until you find Colony 4. Help out Ethel in the No Want of Courage Hero Quest, then you’ll gain access to more Standard Quests around Colony 4. Complete the Charity and Hypocrisy Standard Quest. Once you have done that, you will find some Colony 4 residents having a conversation in front of a building next to the Ferronis entrance. Listen in on their conversation, then discuss the “Tactician’s Plan” topic to begin the Tactical Eradication.

Next up, progress further into the game until you reach Chapter 4, then work your way through the Great Cotte Falls and continue onwards until you reach High Maktha Wildwood. Here you’ll ambushed by a team from Colony Tau which will trigger the Hero Quest, [Natural Selection](/xenoblade-chronicles-3/guide/hero-quests/juniper/natural-selection “Natural Selection’’) which will unlock the Rope Sliding ability upon completion. Proceed further into the Wildwood and you’ll get forced into the Imminent Illusion Standard Quest. Upon completing Imminent Illusion, return to Colony 4 and you’ll find a soldier lying on the ground near the Colony 4 Checkpoint. Speak with him to begin this quest!

How To Defeat The Mysterious Raiders in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Once you’ve unlocked the quest head over to the medical tents and Noah will get a doctor for him, then you’ll discover that people from Colony 4 have been sending out messengers to other colonies to tell them the truth about the Flame Clocks, but the injured soldiers unit has been wiped out, but what from? Apparently it was a Levnis from a different force which was sent out to prevent Colony 4 from delivering the truth, so Noah wants to put a stop to this Levnis.

After the scene has come to a close, fast travel to the Kamos Guidepost Landmark in the Aetia Region, then run northeast and use the vines to reach the upper area. Follow the path along to the northwest and you’ll eventually stumble across the remains of the Colony 4 Unit. Here three Mysterious Raiders will show and attempt to do the same to Noah and the team, so it looks like you’ll have a tough fight on your hands.

(1 of 2) Defeat the three Mysterious Raiders

Defeat the three Mysterious Raiders (left), then send off the husks. (right)

These Mysterious Raiders have plenty of Arts available to it and things can get hairy if you’re not careful, so don’t take the fact that you don’t need to fully defeat your adversary for granted. The largest threat here is Tyrant Cross as not only will it deal moderate damage to the target (which is usually your Tank), it will also inflict Shackle Blocking so if you’re using any Tanks that rely on that, you’re going to then take much more damage from all of its other Arts.

The best way to deal with this is to focus target on one at a time and make use of Interlink at Level 1 or 2 instead of saving up for Level 3 and make use of any combos that you have available to you, if you time it right, you can knock it out of its Arts. If you need more guidance on the Mysterious Raiders Artes, then take a look at our Mysterious Raider Page. Finally, see of the nearby husks and the quest will come to a close.

Quest Rewards

EXP Gold SP Rewards
2080 CurrencyGoldIconsMapXenoblade3.png 2240 3 None


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