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Transparent Dreams

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the “Transparent Dreams” Hero quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to starting the Quest and unlocking a new Hero, Fiona.

Transparent Dreams is Fiona's Hero Quest in Chapter 5 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

The party find Fiona attempting to single-handedly repel a Kevesi raid on Colony Mu. Unable to stand idly by, Noah and co. offer her their assistance.

Icon Hero Prerequisite Level Rewards
Fiona.png Fiona Chapter 5 45 3320 EXP, 2020 G, 10 SP

How to Start the Transparent Dreams Quest

Fiona’s Hero Quest is optional and can be easy to miss when sailing the great sea in the Cadensia region. You’ll have to progress the story until you get the Castle Access Quest from Monica and gain access to the boat. Once you find yourself on the great sea, make your way to the QuestRelatedEvent2.png in the far northwest to reach Migrow’s Rosary where you’ll run into a stricken Fiona on teh beach, starting this Hero Quest.

Help Fiona Save the People of Colony Mu

As Fiona mentions, Colony Mu has come under attack and her attempts to try and lure them away appears to be for naught. Follow the path to the west and cross the bridge to encounter a Soldier Husk, looks like not everyone was able to get away. Send them off and continue west across another bridge to reach the next island and you’ll reach the next Soldier Husk.

Continue south and you’ll reach a fork, go west across the bridge to find the next Soldier Husk and a Container to nab, then continue east to reach the rest of the Colony Mu soldiers who are in a stand-off against the Kevesi invaders. It seems a battle is unavoidable.

(1 of 2) Head toward Colony Mu while investigating the Soldier Husks along the way

Head toward Colony Mu while investigating the Soldier Husks along the way (left), focus on the Volffs once you battle the Keves Strike Team. (right)

As with all largescale battles, the largest hurdle is the start as your controlled character is rushed before your Tanks have the chance to establish Aggro. You’ll be accompanied by Fiona’s fellow Colony Mu soldiers for this battle which should make life a little easier. The False Volffs are the main threat here, if left unchecked, they can deal some nasty damage so focus your attention on them before dealing with the warriors.

Learn about the Flame Clock and the Consul

After hearing the full story, something doesn’t feel quite right at Colony Mu. For one, the Flame Clock appears to be a fake and the Consul appears to go absent on a frequent basis. Take the time to explore Colony Mu and open the Containers that are scattered around, making use of the Canteen or Shop to stock up and prepare.

(1 of 2) You can find the first piece of information by speaking to Nico near the Barracks

You can find the first piece of information by speaking to Nico near the Barracks (left), while the second can be gleaned from Shu near the Accessory Shop. (right)

Once you’re ready, head on over to the west to trigger a scene with Fiona and some of the other soldiers. Once you regain control, be sure to pick up the Odd Ringlike Shard and then head to the Quest Marker to meet up with the other Squads. You’ll get the chance to ask some questions here, go ahead and ask them all to learn there’s two vital pieces of information you need to learn.

Begin by heading near the Barracks to find Nico standing outside the warehouse. Next, head beyond the Accessory shop to find Shu, who will divulge some more information for you. Once you’ve spoken to both of them, head back to the Canteen to discuss the information you’ve just learned. Make sure you’re prepared and then head west to trigger a scene and another encounter with Moebius!


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