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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Boss Fight: Testudo Pair

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Testudo Pair boss fight found in the Cadensia region in Chapter 5 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

The Testudo Pair is a challenging boss fight in Chapter 5 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Beat the Testudo Pair

Name Level Type
Testudo 46 MachineEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png

You’d be forgiven for expecting this battle to be nothing more than just a regular battle, after all, you’ve fought these foes plenty of times at this point. In reality, however, this battle is a bit of a difficulty spike as the two Testudos you’re fighting are just the tip of the iceberg here.

As soon as you engage with the Testudos, they’ll soon use the Call Reinforcements Art which will summon three Agnus soldiers to their side. Both of the Testudo will use this Art, which means you’ll soon find yourself up against a group of 8 enemies all at once and this is when it can begin to get hectic. Although the Testudo themselves are the greater threat here, you’ll need to take some time to whittle down some of the other soldiers first, it’s not sustainable to have them attacking you while you take down a Testudo, especially as they have plenty of HP.

When it comes to the soldiers, Agnus Medics should always be your first priority so that they’re not buffing and healing the others and letting your hard work go to waste. Each Call Reinforcements usually summons one of them so seek them out. The rest of the Agnus soldiers should fall easily after the medics are down so long as you keep an eye on your HP and heal as necessary. This may be one of those battles where you will need to manually to take control of them to be more effective at recovering the group.

Whenever you have a Chain Attack available, target a Testudo with it, even if there are still some soldiers alive. If you play your cards right, you should be able to take one down with a single Chain Attack. Still, your main priority should be survival and if things are looking hairy, switch targets to a Testudo and pop that Chain Attack so you can focus on using Healers during it to recover yourself to full.

(1 of 3) The Testudos will call reinforcements at the start of the battle

Consider waiting until your Interlink is Lv 3 too before using them, especially for Noah and Mio’s as if you’ve been keeping on top of upgrading them, Noah’s Talent Art here can deal a hefty chunk of damage to a Testudo. Of course, having Liberty Wing on Eunie and Taion’s should be a given, there’s a good chance you’ll need to make use of it in this battle as it’s incredibly easy for more than one character to be defeated at once.

The Testudo’s deadliest Art to watch out for is the Body Cannon, this can be lethal, especially if there are still Agnus soldiers left alive causing chip damage. The good news, however, is they are susceptible to Combos so look to make use of Topple (and beyond) as much as possible to disable them and allow you some time to take them down. This is an incredibly difficult battle and don’t be surprised if you lose the first time as it’s easy to be caught unprepared for what seems like a normal battle usually.

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