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Boss fight: Moebius B

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Moebius B boss fight found in Zeon’s Hero Quest, Where The Heart Is in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, taking place in Colony 9 in the Aetia Region.

You will fight Moebius B at the end of Zeon's Hero Quest.

How to Beat Moebius B

Name Level Type
Moebius B 24 MoebiusOuroboros.png

If you’re still on Chapter 3 when you face this boss, this will most likely be the most challenging boss you’ve faced yet and by the toughest of the initial set of Moebius boss fights. You’ll want to ensure that your level at least matches Moebius B, and even higher if you’re playing on Hard. You will, however, have Zeon with you for this boss battle and if you’re still going for a balance of 2:2:2 (Attackers:Defenders:Healers), then Zeon will fill one of those Defender Roles so it may be worth taking an extra Healer or Attacker to this battle.

There are no additional forces to deal with in this battle though, so it’s just you and Moebius B, who has many Arts:

  • Blaze Attack: Moebius B’s regular auto-attack has the chance to inflict Blaze on its target.

  • Moebius Dominion: Healers: Moebius B will send out a debuff that shackles any Healers in your party. Quickly switch control to each Healer and press the onscreen buttons to break free of it.

  • Blast Wave: Moebius B lets out a wave surrounding him, dealing moderate damage to all targets.
  • Power Hold: Moebius B will grab a target, disabling them from battle during the animation and then tossing them away, dealing major damage (around 1300) and inflicting Blowdown.
  • Blaze Party: Moebius B will perform a frontal AoE attack with multiple hits dealing light damage and inflicting Blaze.
  • Atomic Cannon: When Enraged, Moebius B will shoot a laser in a linear AoE, dealing major damage to any targets it hits.

Moebius B has more Arts than any other boss you’ve fought at this stage of the game, and perhaps the deadliest of all is Moebius Dominion: Healers as it will completely shut down your Healers for a time. While the AI will eventually break out of it, you can speed this up yourself by switching control to them and pressing the buttons to force yourself to break free.

You’ll be dealing with the Blaze status throughout the battle, as Moebius B has a chance to inflict it with his auto-attacks. He can then combine this with Blaze Party that will inflict Blaze on anyone who is standing in front of him, so you’ll want to make sure your Healers are available for duty at all times.

The other main Art to watch out for is Power Hold, this will deal major damage to the unfortunate target to get struck by it, although if you’re able to force a Topple combo, you can stop this Art from dealing damage. This is a real battle of attrition, and you’ll want to make use of Chain Attacks when they’re available, they can be invaluable tools to recover the entire party if you finding yourself taking a real beating.

(1 of 3) Switch to your healers and manually free them from Moebius Dominion: Healers

As always, Interlinking should be a priority too, if you’ve unlocked Eunie/Taion’s Interlink Art, Liberty Wing, you can use it in a pinch to revive all allies that may be defeated, especially useful if you find yourself in a situation when none of your Healers are still standing.

The battle goes into overdrive once you Enrage Moebius B, he’ll use his Arts with greater frequency and start mixing in Atomic Cannon into the rotation which will deal major damage to enemies in a line. At this point, if you have a Chain Attack ready, use it, and try to use Zeon’s order to grant Armor Veil to the party, this will help with absorbing some of the damage from Moebius B as you try to finish off the battle.


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