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Boss Fight: Moebius X

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Moebius X boss fight in Chapter 7 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, taking place in the Origin Interior.

Moebius X is a boss in Chapter 7 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Beat Moebius X

Name Level Type
Moebius X 70 MoebiusOuroboros.png

If you’ve completed Side Story - Eunie, then you’ll have already fought Moebius X in her Consul form. This should give you some idea in what to expect for her Moebius form as she uses the same weapon and attacks with the same level of ferocity.

Using her massive scythe, Moebius X has a number of tricky Arts to deal with, and you can learn all about them below:

  • Trick Balloon: Moebius X conjures five balloons that rise into the air and then burst, inflicting moderate damage along with the Shackle Blocking and Bleed debuffs to targets in an AoE in front of her.
  • Reaper’s Pain: Moebius X will slash her scythe in a small AoE in front of her, dealing moderate damage to any targets it strikes.
  • Crazed Headhunt: Moebius X will rise in the air and come swooping down on a single target, with a chance of inflicting the Doom debuff which will outright kill a target regardless of HP. If Doom doesn’t land, the targer will instead take major damage.
  • Discerning Eye: Moebius X will rise into the air and let out a wave of energy, inflicting the Physical and Ether Defense Down debuffs.
  • Vengeful Judge: Moebius X will perform a combo of slashes on a single target, dealing major damage.

Moebius X is a serious threat, she hits hard, fast and many of her Arts involve inflicting debuffs. She also has a fast auto-attack that hits twice and to make matters even more complicated, she will Enrage at around 75-80% of her HP, much higher than any other enemy you’ve dealt with before.

Trick Balloon is an interesting Art, as she’ll fire off five balloons into the air that will then explode in an AoE in front of her, dealing moderate damage and inflicting Shackle Blocking and Bleed. As your Tanks will most likely be the main target, it means they’re not going to be able to block until you remove the debuff or it wears off over time naturally. This makes Tanks that rely on evasion over blocking a better pick for this battle (providing you’re at least matching Moebius X’s level). Interestingly enough, even after the balloons are in the air, you can use Break or another Reaction to cancel the Art still.

Reaper’s Pain is her most common Art, and although not as painful as the others, it is still a small AoE that hits hard, especially if you’re already suffering from Bleed. As mentioned though, Moebius X is at her deadliest once she hits the very generous Enrage point, opening up some new Arts for her to play with.

Crazed Headhunt is her most dangerous Arts, and one of the deadliest in the entire game. She’ll rise into the air and then come swooping down on a single character, this has a chance to inflict the Doom debuff. This will outright kill any character but, should this miss, she’ll deal major damage to even Tanks. For this reason alone, you’re going to want to have lots of ways to revive for this battle (which you should have by now).

Her last attack Art is Vengeful Judge which appears to be used less often than the others. When she does use it though, she’ll perform a combo and should every hit land, you’ll take major damage. This is even more of a problem when you’re probably hurting from the Bleed debuff for most of the battle.

(1 of 2) Crazed Headhunt can kill any character outright

Crazed Headhunt can kill any character outright (left), look to cause Burst to Moebius X and knock her out of Enrage. (right)

You can make life a little easier for yourself however, starting by using the Burst Combo to knock her out of Enrage. This will usually last for a while, giving you ample time to either heal up or dish out some major damage to her. You’ll also want to start considering a Healer for your Hero for this (and the subsequent) boss along with two of your own. If you have a War Medic, then take Miyabi, otherwise take Valdi as being able to remove Debuffs is a vital tool.

Moebius X is a tough battle, and you’ll need to be prepared to revive a lot throughout the battle due to how easily she can down your characters. Liberty Wing should get some great use here and along with the accessory that allows non-Healers to revive (stick these on your Tanks). Once you finally defeat Moebius X for the last time, it’s time to keep moving, not even a scene accompanies the death of Moebius X as you have more pressing matters to attend to!


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