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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Rebuilding Dorrick - Phase 8

Jarrod Garripoli

This page offers a guide on how to complete the eighth phase of Rebuilding Dorrick in Colony 30 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start Phase 8 of Rebuilding Dorrick

Repapa is ready to move onto Phase 8 of rebuilding Dorrick

The 8th Phase of Rebuilding Dorrick becomes available after finishing the 7th Phase in Colony 30. As usual, you will find Repapa at the Colony 30 maintenance bay awaiting your materials.

How to Complete Phase 8 of Rebuilding Dorrick

The Ushlime Minibark is probably your best option for completing Phase 8 of Rebuilding Dorrick. While the requirements look a little steep at first glance, the majority of the items are found pretty commonly in the areas provided. Plus, that part gives 50% progress towards the bar, so you only need to double the items listed in order to finish the whole thing. If you thoroughly explored and collected a bunch of items along the way, you might not even need to do much collecting on your part.

All Repapa Collectibles List for Phase 8

Below, you’ll find tables for all the possible materials you can give to Repapa to complete Phase 8. The tables also include possible locations for each collectible material.

Despite the steep requirements, Ushlime Minibark is your best option

Rainbow Chewheart

Item Obtained From
Chewy Radish (x4) North of Colony 9 (Aetia Region)
Rainbow Boronia (x3) Bed of Woes and Wishes (Colony Mu - Cadensia Region)
Heart Peach (x1) Hovering Reef 6/Hovering Reef 7 (Keves Castle Region)

Neo-Mirac Shrinkseed

Item Obtained From
Neo Walnut (x2) Purchase from Colony Mu Traderpon (Cadensia Region)
Miraculite (x1) Distant Fingertip (Fornis Region)
Shrinking Orchid (x2) Alfeto Valley (Aetia Region)
Cling Seed (x4) Alfeto Valley (Aetia Region)

Frag Marble

Item Obtained From
Frag Coral (x4) Erythia Sea (Cadensia Region)
Demon Marble (x3) Syra Hovering Reefs (Keves Castle Region; By Great Sword Furrow)

Ocean Generator

Item Obtained From
Ocean Polyp (x4) Erythia Sea (Cadensia Region)
Twin Generators (x3) Everblight Plain (Aetia Region)

Delicate Juice-Limb

Item Obtained From
Juicy Melon (x4) Morrack Inlet (Cadensia Region)
Delicate Bell (x2) Melnath’s Shoulder (Watchpoint Bridge onward; Aetia Region)
Giant’s Limb (x3) Old Way Camp (Pentelas Region)

Jade Aspid

Item Obtained From
Jade Coral (x5) Vinisog Holm (Cadensia Region)
Aspid Fossil (x2) Cape Arcaphor (Cadensia Region)

Golden Tude

Item Obtained From
Golden Beetroot (x4) Elaice Highway (Fornis Region)
Tude Fossil (x4) Morrack Inlet (Cadensia Region)

Ushlime Minibark

Item Obtained From
Heavy Pomegranate (x4) Twinpalm Isle (Cadensia Region)
Limelightstone (x10) Eagus Wilderness (Fornis Region)
Usherine (x10) Millick Meadows (Aetia Region)
Minionion (x3) Between Sparkling Cool Camp and Tower Camp (Pentelas Region)
Vermillion Bark (x1) Morrack Inlet (Cadensia Region)
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