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Boss Fight: Moebius Y

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Moebius Y boss fight in Chapter 7 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, taking place in the Origin Interior.

Moebius Y is a boss in Chapter 7 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Beat Moebius Y

Name Level Type
Moebius Y 70 MoebiusOuroboros.png

From one final showdown to another, this time with Moebius Y, the last one standing before Z himself. If you cast your minds back to Chapter 6, you’ll remember that you’ve already fought Moebius Y during Side Story - Mio so you should have some idea of what to expect from this battle. Still, you’ll want to keep with the trend of taking a Healer for your Hero (unless you’re massively overleveled at this point) such as Miyabi.

Moebius Y has some of the same Arts from the last time you fought him, with a few new Arts and you can learn about them below:

  • Tyrant’s Shout Spark/Glimmer/Shine: Moebius Y charges up, granting him a stance buff that increases his resistances by more each time he upgrades it.
  • Glorious Typhoon: Moebius Y spins around on the spot, hitting multiple times for moderate damage in an AoE around him while also inflicting Bleed.
  • Body Trap: Moebius Y will scoop up a single target, crushing them before tossing them away, dealing moderate damage and inflicting Blowdown.
  • Impact Quake: Moebius Y slams his fist into a single target, dealing moderate damage and inflicting Topple.
  • Moebius Dominion: Defenders: Moebius Y will release a wave of energy, shackling any Defenders.

Just as before, Moebius Y has high resistances and HP that he’ll further boost with the Tyrant Shout Arts so expect to be in for a long battle. It’ll also mean that it’s going to be tough to get any Reaction combos off on him outside of Chain Attacks (and even then, it’s tough).

Thankfully, outside of this, Moebius Y has changed very little since your last battle with him in Chapter 6 outside of a stat boost for being Lv 70. His only new Art is Glorious Typhoon, and it is a deadly Art. Moebius Y will spin on the spot and due to his gargantuan size, will deal multiple hits in a massive AoE which will also inflict Bleed.

(1 of 2) Body Trap will cause considerably more damage now

Body Trap will cause considerably more damage now (left), Glorious Typhoon is hard to avoid and hits multiple times. (right)

Outside of these, Body Trap and Impact Quake remain unchanged, although they can be more problematic if he decides to use them after Glorious Typhoon where you may be suffering from Bleed still. Moebius Dominion: Defenders remains a nuisance, so don’t forget to switch over to your Tanks to manually release them from the shackles.

Lucky Seven is worth its weight in gold for this battle, as if you build up the Talent Gauge and unleash it, it will land all of the Reaction combos which will deal massive damage to Moebius Y and speed up the battle somewhat. Still, this is a battle that has changed very little from Chapter 6 with the exception that you’re now more powerful yourself. Having a Signifier and a Troubadour will help massively as the overload of buffs can cause Moebius Y’s attacks to be of little concern as he has none that will deal major damage.

The Final Showdown

Once Moebius Y is defeated, head through the door in front of you and take the large lift down to reach the Amphitheater where the door leads to the final encounter in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You’ll be able to reload your save upon clearing the game, but not that this is your point of no return for the story.

You’ve got a long final boss coming up, spread across two phases so make sure you’re fully prepared. You’ll want your Tanks to have the ability to revive, take Miaybi as your Hero and ensure you have each of the Keves (Noah, Eunie, Lanz) and Agnus (Mio, Taion, Sena) group as each of the Roles as they’ll be forced to fight as a trio at some point during the final battle. Once you’re fully prepared, step through the doors to finally meet the entity behind everything, Z!


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