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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Unspeakable Being

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for the Unspeakable Being Standard Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start the Unspeakable Being Standard Quest

(1 of 2) The beach where you can disembark is a little north of the ?

The beach where you can disembark is a little north of the ? (left), Approach the monument at the top to begin the quest (right)

This quest will become available as soon as you get the boat and have access to the Erythia Sea in Chapter 5. If you look at your map, there will be a ? on the eastern side of the Erythia Sea, which will be this quest. Note that it’s best to delay this for a little bit, as the enemy you fight during this quest is level 58. So, if you can wait until level 55-56 or so, then you should be good to go, as the monster isn’t that challenging (barring one little thing). The area you need to go to is east of the Anu Shoals Camp rest spot, with the beach that you can disembark at slightly north. Once you reach the beach, follow the trail all the way up to the top of the island and you should find a little monument; the quest will begin as soon as you approach it.

How to Complete the Unspeakable Being Standard Quest

Upon approaching the little monument, there will be a scene that will have both Riku and Manana forbid you from putting offerings, since there is a “deadly monster” there. Of course, not listening to reason, interacting with the monument will bring up a list of items that you can offer, which is included in the table below:

Item Location Progress
Demon Marble Syra Hovering Reefs (Keves Castle Region) 25%
Death Mushroom Everblight Plain (Aetia) 10%
Redrum Seed Eagus Wilderness (Fornis) 5%
Bloody Doomcap Everblight Plain (Aetia) 15%
Leech Agaric Old Kana Battlefield (Fornis) 10%
Wraithwood Everblight Plain (Aetia) 10%
Blood Emerald Urayan Tunnels (Pentelas) 5%
Curse Branch High Maktha Wildwood (Pentelas) 10%

Considering all of these items are from previous locations, you will likely have enough, as long as you explored enough and picked up all of items off of the ground. Once the bar has been filled up, then a Pippito will appear and you will be required to fight it.

The Depriti Pippito is not a dangerous enemy that will require you to think up a tactical way of defeating it. If you’ve ever fought a Pippito at around the same level as them, then you know they are annoying, since they have a very high evasion stat. That holds true here, too, with the Depriti Pippito being difficult to hit at times. That goes even farther when you see it use Pew Pew, as it will evade all attacks while that Art is active. Other than that Art, the Pippito will only just attack with its normal attack. While this will hurt, since it’s difficult to actually hit the creature, it mitigates the damage to only the person with the aggro.

One thing you can do to help defeat the Pippito is build up your Chain Gauge and just unleash a Chain Attack. The reason this helps a lot is because attacks during the Chain Attack don’t miss, so you can really lay on the damage during those, especially if you are adept at them. Once you have brought down the Pippito, there will be one more scene, then you will be finished with the quest.

EXP Gold SP Rewards
4600 2190 3 Sonic Sensor (Rare) x1
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